Here’s Your Ultimate Checklist For Summer House Cleaning!

With this list of summer cleaning recommendations, you can prepare your house for the warm season. Here’s a list of things that need a good cleaning before the seasons change.


As the weather warms, several home duties will want maintenance. (It’s time to fire up the grill!) Check out  the aqua mix grout release service’ summer cleaning checklist for ideas on how to spruce up your house and yard.


Ventilation Systems

As summer comes, your air conditioner will soon be buzzing every day. The moment has come to clean your home’s dusty air vents. Unscrew dirty vents from the wall or floor, then wash them in the sink with hot, soapy water, says an aqua mix grout release cleaning expert.


Closets for Clothes

Take advantage of the opportunity to clean your closets from top to bottom when you store winter clothing and bring out warm-weather attire. Set aside unworn items for charity, then clean the dirty walls and floor, says aqua mix grout release professional.



If you haven’t touched your grill since last year, give it a thorough cleaning before cooking your first rack of succulent ribs. Set the burners on high for 15 minutes to burn up any leftover food or fat. The grates should then be cleaned using a grill brush. Wipe off the interior and outside for a shining finish.



You most certainly completed some patio upkeep as part of your spring cleaning. Summer, to the contrary, is an excellent time to clean your deck or patio, dust off dusty furniture, and prepare things for evenings spent relaxing in the warm air. To deep-clean a concrete patio, use a mild aqua mix grout release solution using 1/2 cup baking soda and one gallon of water. 


Beach towels, sports outfits, and swimwear will be used often this summer, resulting in additional washing. Furthermore, sweat, chlorine, oil, and campfire smoke all add to stinking clothing! To counteract odours, add 1/2 cup white vinegar to the rinse cycle or 1/2 cup baking soda to the wash cycle. Check aqua mix grout release to know more about the outdoor cleaning regime.


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Hot summer weather makes your trash can smell much worse than normal. Clean your empty garbage can with soap and water before washing it with the yard hose.  Another suggestion is to soak a cotton ball in essential oil (5-15 drops) and place it in your garbage can before replacing the liner for a long-lasting fresh aroma. Check aqua mix grout release to know more about regular garbage disposal practices.


Clutter for Children

Toys that haven’t been played with in a while can be given, or a fun summer yard sale can be organised with the kids’ aid! You can get rid of adult mess, too—how clutter-free folks keep their homes neat.



It’s time to let the sun in! This do-it-yourself window cleaning solution will leave your windows sparkling. Combine one part distilled vinegar or aqua mix grout release and ten parts warm water in a spray container. Spray the window with the solution, then wipe it clean with a lint-free cloth. With a second clean towel, completely dry the window.