Hospital Colours by Department policy 

Nursing Uniforms
Nursing Uniforms

You might be wondering why there are different color-codes in hospitals. How do hospital employees decide which color scrubs to put on? Or there’s a specific requirement with respect to colors? When nursing uniform scrubs are considered, few hospitals color code their employees.

But why color code? Very Simple- in order to distinguish between diverse hospital departments. It helps patients and visitors. You might notice surgeons wearing green or blue scrubs, and nurses dealing with infants in pink. Naturally, this is likely to vary from one hospital to another. 

The psychology behind color scrubs: Color-coded scrubs help build trust in addition to adding value to the environmental mood. 

People usually compare that color-coding to the caste system of sorts, the nursing uniforms basically define the wearer’s position within their field of employment. 

Without further fuss, have a glance over the major selected color-coded scrubs as per hospital department policy: 

Red: If red is worn in an awareness campaign, then it’s perfectly alright! Red basically elevates blood temperature and braces circulation. Red is used to care for people suffering from anemia, fatigue, paralysis, and exhaustion.

White: White is prone to get messed up. This color scrub is easily spoiled when dealing with blood or something dirtier.

Brown: Brown color is known for its dullness and unimaginative nature. This might not be your cup of tea! 

Pink: Many people find it soothing. is a healing color. Soft, natural pink tones calm and nurture our being.

Green: This is one excellent choice no matter what! Green helps create harmony and balance in the body. It helps improves heart condition and blood-related problems. It also influences the human cell structure and muscles.

Gray: Neutral colors are always appealing. Several doctors/ nurses/ techs are satisfied with this hue. 

Black: Authentic and slimming too. 

Caribbean Blue Scrub Top: This is one of the most known colors concerning healthcare professionals to wear. 

Royal Blue Scrub Top: Royal or navy blue is considered manly. A trauma surgeon noticed that ‘blood is not visible much on dark-blue scrubs. Royal/ navy blue is a sturdy color, and it’s believed that during the healing process, you probably require all the strength you can acquire. Royal blue scrubs are ranked higher among nurses.

Ceil Blue Scrubs: These are similar to modern classic in the hospital scrub world. It demands pride and eye-soothing shades. You can’t attain better than this. Also, Ceil blue scrub demands more authority against its predecessor. 

Conclusion: Hence, medical scrubs are considered standard outfit in a healthcare facility. It also makes an employee feel that he/she is a part of the cohesive unit promoting employee morale and thereby boosting performance. It provokes the thought that every member of your facility is valuable.