How does the secret screen recorder app work on Android?

You may find scores of screen capturing apps on Google Play Store but not every app can provide sought after results.

Android surveillance is on the rise and plenty of people these days are looking forward to mobile apps for monitoring digital devices. The advanced android surveillance apps rightly accessible enable the user to remotely and secretly track almost all actions performed on a smartphone. The end-user can keep a secret eye on the screen of an android mobile phone without letting the user or possessor of that device now. It secretly captures the screen of the targeted device and lets the end-user supervise the digital activities of the concerned individual or groups. In this article, we have briefly discussed how the secret screen recording feature of the mobile tracker app works. Read on to know the usefulness of the spy screen recorder and how it works particularly on mobile devices.

Secret Screen Recorder App

You may find scores of screen capturing apps on Google Play Store but not every app can provide sought after results. Here we have reviewed the top-notch screen recording app of TheOneSpy that is the most advanced android surveillance app at the moment. It is designed for business organizations, families, and individuals to keep tabs on digital activities of working staff, younger children, and loved ones. The mobile app offers live screen recording enabling the end-user to monitor and capture whatsoever appears on the targeted device screen. The app works in a secret mode without leaving any hint of working on the phone. Once it is installed on the targeted device, it can be controlled via an online control panel or web portal of the spy app.      

How Screen Recorder Works on Android

The screen recorder works on mobile devices very smoothly. It can be used by non-tech savvy persons due to its user-friendliness. The following points elaborate on how the app records the screen of an android device. Follow them and capture the screen of any smartphone or tablet without any hassle.

Subscribe Screen Recorder App

 First and foremost steps to get an app subscription. The high-tech screen recording on android is needed to be subscribed for use. The subscription criteria for it to use a cell phone browser connected to the internet and go to the official web page of a cellphone tracking app.

Download and Install the App

Once you are on the page then you need to get the subscription and then the next step you need to take is to get credentials via email. Furthermore, you need to have physical access to the targeted device. Once you have got the possession of the target cell phone device then you need to activate it on the target device. Furthermore, the icon of spy software remains invisible even on the latest version of Android OS 10. Most of the monitoring software is struggling to remain invisible on the target device but when it comes to this one it remains hidden and works secretly. Furthermore, it empowers you the best screen recorder tool to record the screen activities on android in terms of short back to back videos and then send the recording of the target device screen recording to your online dashboard.

Run Online Control Panel

Now you need to use the online dashboard account but you have to recall the credentials that you have got at the time of subscription in terms of password and ID. Use the password and ID and get access to the online control panel where you can get your hands on the live screen recorder software.

Send Command for Screen Recording

Once you have got your hands on the tool you were looking forward then you can use your web portal and activate it. Furthermore, it will instantly start the recording of the android screen and further deliver a series of short videos to your online dashboard.

Retrieve Recorded Video

Once you have done with the screen recording and you have finally got the videos. You just need to get access to the online web portal account and you can get the videos and see what sort of activities target device user has performed. You can see the social media activities, browsing activities, conversations, and messages on social apps, and last but not least you can get to know about every single activity happening on the screen.


Use android surveillance software and then get access to the dashboard to get your hands on the secret screen recorder app to monitor the target device. You can do surveillance on all the activities happen on a mobile device.