How To Build a Master Granny Flats? What Are The Spacious Design Collections?

If you want to build a granny flat, some steps are followed to ensure that your house is appealing and satisfying. Granny flat in Hornsby has the best designs you could ever find in a house.

The steps below will guide you through.

Step 1. Getting started

There are a few requirements that your property needs to meet if you are building a granny flat in Hornsby.

Here are the requirements:

  • A maximum of one granny flat is permitted per lot
  • Maximum floors are permissible for a granny flat is 60 m2
  • Must have a 24 m2 courtyard space for the granny flat, with an area of at least 4m wide
  • Conditions may apply if building in a bushfire, flood-affected or conservation heritage area
  • For Battle-axe blocks, an access handle of at least 3m wide is required
  • Off-street car parking for the granny flat is not essential
  • If you demolish a garage on the land you are building a granny flat on, you are required to allocate an extra car spot on the property behind the main house and in front of the Granny Flat

You need to obtain the following:

  • You now need to obtain a Section 10.7(2) Certificate – From Local council (either over the counter or online)
  • A sewer diagram, purchased from the Sydney Water Tapin website. (Your Contract of land sale may also contain a copy that can be used)
  • Say if your property falls to the street or the rear of the property (i.e is the area you want to build is higher or lower than the street).
  • Are there any large trees in the vicinity where you want to build (ie: Trees 6m or larger in your property or your Neighbour’s property?).
  • Tree species that can be cut down should be 8m high and 3m from the proposed new granny flat location

Step 2. On-site inspection

A representative from the company you choose will then book a suitable time and day to come and inspect where the granny flat will be built. The representative will follow through with a preliminary tender to build one of their standard or custom designed Granny Flats to suit your budget. In this tender, you have the entire cost of the Granny flat in Hornsby, as well as connections to services along with any extra Inclusions you may want.

Step 3. Tender

During this Period the company finalizes their Tender quote that works within your budget.

Once you decide to move forward the Design / Approval Fee is Payable in two part-payments, to get the ball Rolling for your Granny Flat.

The Design fee covers all relevant Survey, Architectural, and Engineering Plans to lodge to Certifier. During this stage, you will be allowed to conduct changes, to gain a suitable solution for your circumstances.

Step 4. Design and approvals

The company will take the time to understand your needs and custom design that you need, or you may choose something from their fantastic standard design range.

The Initial Design Stage ( 5-12 days )

During the design stage, the specialised granny flat builder (Interlinking Purpose) will send a sketch for your viewing and input. Once agreed upon, a design fee is paid to finalize all the final architectural drawings and relevant documentation up to pre- Lodgement. ( 5 to 10 days ). Once the design is finalized the materials and colours are selected from the nominated builder’s range and detailed costing will be provided.

Step 4: Fast Privately Certified Approvals ( 5-10 days)

The building contract is prepared and signed. There is also the application for home warranty insurance. Construction duration may vary from between 10 -12 weeks and we will provide you with a construction schedule to suit your project objectives.

Step 5. Construction 

After all the above factors have been taken into consideration, building a granny flat commences. The following stages take place.

The Initial 3-4 weeks Involve:

  • Groundworks and foundations,
  • Structural wall and roof carpentry & windows
  • Fascia/gutter
  • Exterwindowsdding (brick / cladding) & eaves lining
  • Roof coverings

Next 3-4 weeks Involve:

  • Internal service roughing-in
  • Wall/ceiling insulation and Linings
  • Kitchen check measure & wet area waterproofing
  • Internal door jambs and fix out.
  • Floor and wall Tiling wet areas
  • Kitchen installation

Final 3- 4 Weeks Involve:

  • Electrical and plumbing fit off
  • Wardrobes and shower screens installed
  • Flooring & final painting
  • Final clean, practical completion & final handover

The above mentioned time frame is typical and may vary from project to project due to different variables. Construction time frames are subject to material availability, unexpected delays, and other site conditions that may or may not exist. Above are all the stages it takes for the construction of a master granny flat in Hornsby.