How To Ensure Stone Masonry Feature Entrance?

The entrance of your house certainly makes the first impression on people regarding how your home might look like from the inside. Therefore, beautifying every step from the gate to your home entrance counts to make that lasting impression. The question is, how can you do it in a way that makes the entrance stand out? Our solution is to go for the best stone masonry in Sydney and create a compelling front entrance feature.

The best part is, not only the sidewalk or the walkway, you can use the stonework in a wide variety to create a beautiful front entrance. You will find some of those ideas in the following to make sure that the money you spend on the stonework leaves you with guaranteed success.

  • Use Stone as Your Entrance Door Frame :

Not many people do that. And, that’s a plus point for you. According to the professionals associated with stone masonry in Sydney, using stone as the frame of the entrance door highlights the door even more and makes it a focal point. Colour the door in a bright shade to enhance the door even more. The stones for the door frame are available in various shades and colours. So, you can create a strong contrast here and play with colours too for an attractive appearance.

  • Create Stone Made Steps :

If you have a few steps for your entrance, you can add some sharpness there as well with stoned steps. It creates a bit of a formal look if you cut the stone in similar shapes, with bold corners and polished textures. On the other hand, the experts of stone masonry in Sydney can also make a bit rough texture on the stone for a more rustic appearance. Other than that, stone makes a great option for exterior decor as it can take the weather changes, wear and tear of regular foot traffic, exposure to the sun, and a lot more. It will require minimum maintenance and will still look bright and shiny as always.

  • Stone Walkway Creates the Best Impression :

If you have an outdoor garden at the entrance with a perfectly mowed lawn and a few plants around, getting a stone walkway is going to be your best option. Rustic stone and greenery do not only make a great contrast but a great view too. Just like the stone made stair, you can experiment with the texture of the stone here as well. For a contemporary look, use perfectly finished stone for a walkway or ask the professionals of stone masonry in Sydney to make it look like a natural stone-based path.

  • Use Stones on Your Garage :

To accentuate the front entrance, even more, you can use stone walls for the garage. If you already have used stones for your exterior walls, walkway, or steps, use a different set of stones for your garage. It will make the garage look more appealing and a focal point too.


Look for inspiration for stone masonry in Sydney on the internet. You will get plenty of ideas to experiment with. Make sure you choose the right professionals who can put your ideas into work and add value to your property.