How to Find Suitable Refrigerated Air Dryer

Refrigerated air dryer

Refrigerated air dryers work like refrigerators because they use a way to cool that keeps moisture from forming. Because fridges cool and keep perishable foods fresh, air-cooled dryers keep the air quality in the industry high. Water is taken out of the air after it has been compressed. 

A refrigerated air dryer is a concept of how dry the compressed air is or should be. This is usually called the dew point. Air can be pushed together. However, water cannot be squished together.

Choosing the Suitable Dryer for Refrigerated Air Dryer

Dryers take moisture and humidity out of the air that has been compressed. Because of this, they are an essential part of your air system. This is because the air from your compressor is already full of moisture. However, how do you know what kind of refrigerated air dryer you need? A few main things to consider will help you make the right choice.

Reliability Issues

Even though energy use is a big part of the operating costs of a compressed air system, reliability should also be taken into account when looking at the total cost of ownership. Refrigerated air dryers use hermetic refrigeration systems, which means the refrigerant is not exposed to the air. This means that the method usually needs less service and maintenance.

User Needs

The user’s needs should come first when choosing a dryer technology. Refrigerated dryers are cheaper to buy and run than desiccant dryers. For most manufacturing processes, the option of a refrigerated air dryer will probably be enough. Desiccant dryers give you the driest air for essential applications, but they cost more to buy and use.

Consider System Optimization

Even though choosing a suitable refrigerated air dryer for a given application can save energy, all air systems should be optimised to make them as efficient as possible and reduce operating costs.

Dryers are only one part of a complete compressed air system. If the system isn’t working well, it can cost as much to run as inefficient dryers. 

Air And Environmental Factors

Refrigerated air dryers are sized based on the temperature of the air coming in, the temperature of the air coming out, and the size of your air compressor. The more power your compressor uses, the more flow your dryer needs to be able to handle. Most importantly, you need to choose a dryer that works well for your application and the temperature of your environment.

Dew Point versus Relative Humidity

Some industries have strict rules about the quality of compressed air. For this high-quality air use, the dew point of compressed air must be low and stable. People who use compressed air in these crucial ways should only use dew point.

When choosing a refrigerated air dryer for your compressed air system, you want to dry the compressed air stream just enough, but no more. Even though the information above about dryer types and sizes can help you understand how to choose, you should always ask an expert to help you set up your system. Their years of experience setting up compressed air systems for different uses can help you get the most cost-effective drying solution for your application and operating conditions.