How To Find The Right Solar Battery?

solar battery orange

We can all agree on how much solar batteries have become popular in the past few years. They provide many benefits to commercial and homeowners. Their contribution in Australia has skyrocketed, and there is a lot of demand for solar batteries in Orange.

An experienced company will ensure that you get high-quality service and prioritize the safety of your property. There are several factors to consider before buying a solar battery in Orange. Fear not in this article. 

Let’s see how you can choose the best solar battery for your home:

Battery capacity:

Battery capacity is measured in (kilowatt-hours) kWh. That is the total number of energy a battery can store, however, the usable capacity might differ from the total capacity of the battery. Typically, to increase the lifespan and avoid potential battery shut down. The usable capacity is limited to 80% to 90% of the total battery size.

Battery life:

The performance and degradation data of home energy storage batteries is still incomplete. The lifetime of batteries is measured with three different metrics.

  • Expected years of operation
  • Expected throughput
  • Expected cycles

All batteries lose capacity over time, and the end-of-life happens after a lithium battery has lost 30% to 40% of its original capacity.

Round-trip efficiency:

It is a system-level metric that measures how well your energy storage system stores and converts electricity. You will lose some kWh of electricity when direct current (DC) electricity is inverted to alternating current (AC) electricity. The round-trip efficiency of a solar battery tells you how many units of electricity you will get from a battery for every unit of electricity you put into the battery.


All solar batteries have to confirm a list of safety requirements to be certified for installation services in homes and businesses. Some batteries are tested for safety at different levels, which means some batteries are safer than others. All solar batteries installed in Orange are very safe.


Selecting the best solar battery in Orange is not a simple task. You can judge a battery system with these range of criteria:

  • Usable storage battery (kWh)
  • Output power ratings- continuous and peak
  • Charge and discharge loss efficiency
  • Operating temperature range
  • Manufacturers warranty conditions
  • Capacity lifetime
  • Battery upfront cost
  • Inverter and system compatibility

Benefits of solar batteries:

  • Return on investment- Solar batteries reduce the amount you pay for electricity bills tremendously.
  • Backup power in a blackout- In case of a power cut or blackout solar batteries will give you backup power. By the time sun rises your solar battery in Orange will get charged again.
  • Virtual power plant- With solar batteries you will be ready for to virtual power plant. Sharing renewable energy with everyone can help reduce fossil fuels and greenhouse gases.
  • Energy independence- You will have full control over your energy. You can access it when you want to use it and where it goes.