How To Install A Trundle Drawer Ute

The trundle drawer ute is intended to be used with all Aluminium and Steel Bodies and to be as smooth as possible. Built from thick galvanised steel, the trundle drawer ute is capable of supporting weights of up to 100kg without sagging. In addition to being offered in three different widths, the trundle drawer ute is equipped with a unique incremental locking mechanism, which allows users to lock the drawer in an open position.

Features of a trundle drawer ute:-

  • It attaches directly to the main bearers of the tray body, which minimises the amount of time required for installation.
  • A high-quality black lockable paddle handle operates a two-point slam latch mechanism, which is operated by a fascia panel made of stainless steel.
  • A fully enclosed box with a rubber seal that is resistant to water and dust infiltration.
  • A four-stage incremental locking mechanism.
  • A system of internal dividers.
  • Now let’s understand the installing process of drawers in ute

If you work from your car or go camping regularly, then installing trundle drawers in ute are a must-have addition to keeping your equipment and tools secured and accessible when you need them the most. A trundle drawer ute system may be simply built-in in your driveway or shed with just a few basic hand tools and a little time.

Step 1

After removing the trundle drawer ute system from its packing, place it on a flat surface and use a hex key to pry the fixed-top of the drawer away from the drawer. Even though the trundle drawer ute can be installed with the roller top still in place, removing it will make access to the drawers much simpler. The tie-down points on both the left and right-hand sides must be removed, followed by the removal of a set of socket head screws that have been sunk into the carpet. The trundle drawer ute is sent without the stoppers attached, allowing you to remove each one and be left with only the frame.

Step 2

You must now design the mounting points to be utilised and modify the mounting rail on the bottom of the trundle drawer ute based on the information you have gathered while stripping the drawers. It is possible to utilise existing captive nuts and seat bolt down points in many situations, but in other instances, carpet cutting may be necessary. Measure the distance between the holes and adjust the position of the mounting rails by removing the socket head screws, moving the rail to the appropriate position, and then replacing the screws with the correct length socket head screws. 

Step 3

 Now raise the trundle drawer ute frame into place on the cabinet. Place the mounting holes in the proper positions and secure them using the mounting bolts that come with the kit. If they do not match the thread pattern in your car, it may be feasible to reuse the bolts that were previously removed or to buy fresh new high-tensile bolts from a verified supplier.

Step 4

Then coming to the optional side floor kits are available for purchase separately and are custom-made to fit the unique needs of each vehicle. They are attached to the drawer frame using existing holes and will only fit in one direction. The button head screws that came with the side floor kit were used to fasten the mounts and end piece through the trundle drawer frame and into the captive nuts on the frame. Then, using the black socket head screws, connect the carpeted side floor pieces to the mounting brackets on the sidewall.

Step 5

Next, tighten the mounting nuts that hold the drawers to the floor of the car before putting them back into the frame and lift each drawer and move it back into its original place. The drawers will first need the stoppers to be installed to prevent them from tumbling out then place a stopper on the left and right sides of each drawer. And then place the nuts within the stopper in such a way that they face away from the drawer, and then find the pre-drilled holes, through which the socket head screws may be threaded.

And then finally you complete installing the trundle drawers in the ute if you find any difficulty connecting with an expert nearby would be a good option.