How To Protect Your Stone Benchtop?

kitchen stone benchtops

Engineered stone kitchen benchtops are known for being easy to care for and low maintenance. Kitchen stone benchtops are seen to continue shining like a brand-new stone only with a little daily care and proper maintenance. 

Here we will discuss how to keep these surfaces in the pink of their health with little regular care. 

Everyday maintenance

Kitchen stone benchtops are the place where we perform everyday cutting, cooking, and serving. That makes it clear that the surface is prone to regular spills, dirt, and vegetable leftovers. The best way to maintain your stone benchtop is by wiping it with a clean cloth using soapy water. You should immediately wipe off any extra soap or water.  

Stains and spot cleaning tips

If you cook on your kitchen countertop daily, spills are sure to happen. However, you should-

  • act fast to make sure that the spill does not leave a stain
  • try to soak up the spill and wipe the surface with a clean paper towel
  • clean the surface by wiping it with a cloth using warm soapy water or special benchtop cleaning products. Ready to use surface wipes, cream cleansers, or Caesarstone spray cleaner will work well in this regard.  
  • buff using a dry, clean cloth

Try to avoid some stains

Remember that some stains tend to stick to the surface of your kitchen stone benchtops. Try to get rid of the following stains:

  • Red wine
  • Turmeric
  • Pumpkin
  • Permanent markers
  • Tandoori paste
  • Pasta sauce

Products never to use while cleaning stone surfaces

The list of products that you should never use while cleaning stone countertops is long. In short, anything that does not have proper PH balance is going to harm kitchen stone benchtops. That can include any product that is homemade, human-made, or natural that comes with citric acid, anything alkaline or acidic like lemon. Additionally, you must avoid using the following three products:

  • Bleach

Undoubtedly bleach is a great disinfectant but using it might dull the finish of the stone surface, and in some cases, it even leads to a change of colour. There are other safer products to use while disinfecting your stone countertop. So, try to avoid bleach or any product that contains it. 

  • Glass cleanser

Glass cleaners like Windex might seem like an excellent choice to use for maintaining the glossy finish of your kitchen stone countertop. We use them to remove fingerprints, and they leave a streak-free shine. However, regular use might dull the finish of your stone surface. Moreover, that will dull it in an uneven and patchy way that will make some areas appear more prominent with time. 

  • Formula 409

It is a popular bathroom cleaner that can remove soap scum, disinfect the surface and offer ceramics and porcelain a bright shine. Unfortunately, it contains some substances that lead to damaging kitchen stone benchtops. So, even if you have a stone countertop in your bathroom, avoid using a traditional cleaner like Formula 409. 

These are a few general instructions to give you an idea about how to maintain and protect your kitchen stone countertop.