How To Successfully Use Feature Tiles In A Bathroom?

Feature tiles Sutherland shire
Feature tiles Sutherland shire

One of the most common ways to make a feature wall is to use tiles in a different colour than the rest of the room. To do this now, you can use tiles instead of painting one wall a bright colour and the rest of the walls white or magnolia instead. When you use feature tiles, you can add a lot of different textures and colours to a space that would otherwise be very simple.

As long as you do it right, you can make a room look soft and cosy by painting it in dark colours. If you want to add depth to a space in a dramatic way, you can use these things if you have a small space, colours that are not as bold and dark work best. In addition, it is a good idea to choose shiny tiles that will reflect the light and make the room look bigger.

Whether or not to put a particular tile in a bathroom is something we think about all the time. A feature wall is not the only way to make a room stand out anymore. You can have a patterned floor, a unique shower niche, or even a whole room that stands out. Furthermore, if you use a feature tile in Sutherland shireit should be used for a good reason.

Optical Illusion

When you want to make a bathroom look more extensive, you can use feature tiles to help. To make the bathroom look more prominent, I sometimes run the floor tile up to one wall next to it. This will make the room look more significant or more prolonged. This is a great trick for small rooms.

Accentuate The Good Things.

Another reason to use feature tiles might be to show off an architectural feature. You might not have straight walls and, instead, have nooks or cutouts. Add a feature tile to them to make them more attractive. This is a trendy thing to do in the bathroom right now.


A rug can do this same thing for your living room. It can help separate different parts of the room. There are many ways you can use tiles to separate parts of your bathroom, like if you have a wet room.” You could change the colour, texture, or shape of your tiles on the floor or the wall to help separate parts of the bathroom.

A Very Soft Texture

Your main tile does not have to be very different from the rest. If your bathroom is small, it is better to use the same tile in a different size or shape because busy tiles can be too much. You would use a 300mm x 300mm tile on the floor and the same tile in a different format on the wall in a small bathroom. The tile could be hexagonal, or you could lay a subway tile in a herringbone pattern. This is a great way to make subtle textures and add interest.

If you have feature tiles in Sutherland shire for your bathroom, let them be the star and do not add feature tapware, lighting, basins, or a feature bath as well. Like most things in design, simple is often the best way to go.