Innovative Ways To Renovate Your Bathroom

bathroom renovations eastern suburbs

A beautiful bedroom or a lush bedroom are some tiny dreams of everyone. Minor changes can be made to bathrooms to enhance the looks. All the bathroom renovations in Eastern Suburbs don’t come with price tags. People need some strategic ideas to make their bathrooms as good as other parts of the homes. Some people have smaller bathrooms. But space should not stop people from living grand. Maybe move the shower or replace the outdated counterparts; renovating a bathroom can be anything. Try out some innovative ideas to make your bathrooms look bigger and better!

Ideas to renovate the bathrooms

  • Change cabinets with better hardware

Installing new cabinets can be pretty expensive. Not many people are up for that. A cheaper way to bring the cabinets to life is to replace the old cabinets with funky hardware. To make the process easier, check out some things before buying new hardware.  Check that the screw alignment matches precisely with the holes of the older cabinets. This also saves the time and need for drilling the new holes. 

  • Installing prefabricated shower

The site built showers, along with the tubs, are gorgeous. The prefabricated shower units are elementary to install and are cheap also. If you already have a tiled shower, put a poly shower pan with tiles. It helps in saving the hassle of putting the showers again. Talk to your bathroom renovation expert in Eastern Suburbs to buy the best showers. 

  • Put a fantastic combination of tiles.

There are so many tiles’ patterns available in the markets. Get the best tile selection to go precisely with all the elements in the bathrooms. This will help in enhancing beauty in so many ways. Select light coloured tiles for your bathrooms. The dark colour selection never produces extraordinary combination factors people look out for. 

  • Use hidden cistern toilets.

The toilets with hidden flush tanks very well fit in the contemporary bathrooms. It’s best to create a faux well for hiding it behind the walls. The cistern toilets are a plentiful and cheaper option for remodelling the entire bathrooms. Also, opt for the low tank flush for saving on the water as well. 

  • Try playing with lighting.

Bathroom renovations in Eastern Suburbs will not be helpful without adequate lighting. Add up to the ambience of the bathrooms by putting up LED lights. It’s beneficial when used for shaving or even applying makeup. Renovate the bathrooms using hidden lights or even backlit mirrors. The fancier fixtures play an exciting role of light and shadow in small rooms. It adds to the dramatic effects needed in the bathrooms. 

  • Installing floating shelves

Floating shelves are so functional, matching up with the rest of the décor of the bathrooms. The cabinets, mirrors, everything starts looking so attractive. The floating shelves in the bathrooms can either stand alone or can be installed parallel. Also, the shelves can be placed at different heights. If they are placed well, it looks so decorative. Keep the shelves neat and tidy to enhance the ambience. 

  • Putting glass shower partitions

The Glass shower partitions are trendy additions to keep the water splashing to the rest of the bathrooms. Likewise, it makes the bathrooms look sleek and doesn’t make the bathrooms look smaller. Installation of the glass cabinets is the trendiest way to modernize the bathrooms. 

  • Using oversized mirrors

Large mirrors can do wonders to the smaller bathrooms. They can make the bathrooms look bigger in so many ways. Mirrors come in various frames like modern, antique, fancy, etc. You can give a new look to the bathrooms. Put up a huge mirror on a single wall and have it extended over to the other fence. 

  • Providing suspended cabinets

Under the sink cabinets are an excellent idea to keep the bathrooms clutter-free and trendy. It can also make the bathrooms look stylish. Try skipping end to end cupboards. Clean the floor space for putting a cabinet suspended under the sinks. 


Stay under budget and renovate the bathroom just how you like it! With simple tweaks here and there, add décor to the bathrooms. Also, keep the uncomplicated additions at bay for remodelling the restrooms. Create a little haven under a tiny budget! Bathroom Renovation in Eastern Suburbs will create a positive vibe among the people.