Know The Reasons To Choose The Premier Truck Body Builders In Melbourne

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There are numerous why vehicle owners rely on the expert and experienced truck body builders In Melbourne. In addition to performing in touch facilities, the food refrigeration sector, and drink delivery business all seven days a week, the companies can also deliver in car parks and shopping malls. 

  • Despite having heavy-duty engines, the trucks can still provide all the comforts and safety you’d expect from luxury brands. 
  • Respect and reputation don’t come easily. The companies can provide you with the cooling you desire and need.
  • They are world leaders and pioneers of transport refrigeration innovation and equipment. 

The Thermo RV200 is a stellar example. It’s packed with a cutting-edge RV platform and entails several optimizations. Read on to know more.

Optimizing the body:

The truck body builders In Melbourne equip their RV platform with the latest refrigeration system and tools and a robust TK holder and compressor. 

  • They provide time-tested components to make sure your vehicle has superior cooling capacity and fast pull-down.
  • The temperature control is accurate and ensures high reliability. It leads to low maintenance costs and ease of use.
  • Reputable builders can give you the insulation and strength you need. They use European construction methods and design in every truck body, which offers maximum thermal efficiency.

The K value is the lowest for any truck designer and bodybuilder in the huge Australian market. 

Testing for the best:

The experienced truck body builders In Australia test every product to the current AS4982 of Australian standard. They provide a 4-5 years warranty for each part. 

  • You can avail of their performance package and several deals if you deem fit. The companies can deliver with precision and confidence. 
  • If you want to look at the most compelling features that these bodybuilders thrive on, they are stainless-steel hardware, Thermo King 200, floor shows and aluminium floor options, awesome steering wheel controls, and an eight-inch touchscreen display (colour). The display comes with the latest Apple CarPlay. 

Looking for an alternative?

On many occasions, customers want a more cost-effective and reliable alternative to a regular refrigerated van. The truck body builders In Australia can provide you with a range of options.

  • The Toyota vans come with automatic controls and a 2.7l petrol capacity. The Thermo King series can perform under -20 degrees as well without affecting the quality of refrigeration.
  • What’s more? They also provide a two-year refrigeration warranty. The legal payload of 750kg is one of the most prominent reasons to choose these contractors. The doors come with quality stainless steel hardware.

Some more advantages:

The non-slip bar and flow coat make your truck extremely strong and safe. The bodybuilders design the rear bar to incorporate and anchor light and step. The trucks have LED internal light and a galvanized and tested sub-frame. The warranties are some of the most popular ones in the country’s market. 

There are plenty of body options as well. The trucks have the capacity to keep two pallets. The rear spring and panel upgrade defines the shin of the product. The builders equip the trucks with a chequer plane that comprises single piece aluminium. It comes with scuff bands.