Maintain your Polished Marble with these Pro tips

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The polished marble floor is an added benefit for both home and businesses. The polished surfaces define luxury and elegance. But for a long-lasting definition, the floors have to regularly maintained and taken care. Sustaining the glossy and shiny look of the marble is not as easy as it seems. Proper and timely care prevents the amount that is spent from your pocket for marble cleaning and restoration. Neglect and carelessness cost you your warranty and unsightly damages. But you need not panic here are few maintenance tips to show your marble the love and care it needs.

Plan a maintenance schedule:

Marble floors that are in a remote area need not be cleaned instead mopping it twice a day is more than enough. The point to be noted here is that the maintenance schedule should be done based on the degree of the traffic it gets. If it is under feet for round the clock then it should be cleaned in the morning and again in the evening.

If that is not possible the floor should be cleaned at least once. Daily cleaning removes the day to day grime and sand particles on the floor. Though the floor might seem relatively clean after a few days, accumulation of sand particles will take a toll on the marble floor by sandpaper effect. This will strip the floor of its natural smoothness.

Go for the right products:

Even if you are giving a Himalayan amount of care it will be of no use if you are using the wrong products. Polished marbles are durable and are vulnerable to the same amount. Cleaning the floors is of two types; manual and automatic. Let us take a look at these two types in detail.

Manual Cleaning:

The floor is cleaned without any equipment. The floor is swept first to remove dust and sand and then the floor is mopped using a soft mop. If there is any spill it should be cleaned then and there. You can also employ chemical cleaners to remove stains but this has to be done carefully as prolonged action of the chemical can lead to discolouration of the floor.

Automatic Cleaning: This method employs the use of equipment to clean the floor. An automatic scrubber that is padded heavily can be used. Make sure that the wheels of the equipment don’t make any scratch on the marble floor. You can render the service of a marble cleaning and restoration company to take over the cleaning of your floor.

Avoid the following:

If you are performing a manual cleaning process avoid doing the following things that can harm the flooring.

  • Don’t use harsh chemicals and don’t let the chemical dry on the floor
  • Don’t apply wax on the floor
  • Tapes and degreasers should strictly not be placed on the floor
  • Go for a neutral pH cleaner than an acidic cleanser
  • Avoid water spill for the first three days after the installation of the sealers.

Bottom line:

A gleaming floor for more than 10 years is a result of successful maintenance and care of the floor. Get expert help in cleaning the floor and regular maintenance for prolonged durability.