Pergola Designs

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A pergola is a common sight in Sydney. The original purpose of the pergolas was to form a shade between the two buildings to be protected from the sun. A pergola is a wide-open structure with columns and posts and an open roof. There are different things that can be put instead of roofs such as leaves and stuff. It is considered to be an outdoor living room. People often confuse pergolas with an arbour or a gazebo as there are a few similarities.

Pergolas were initially used in Roman architecture with a very limited number of designs but with time, pergola builders in Sydney have often come up with new and modern designs as per the requirements of customers. There are many ways a pergola can be customised:

Sail-Top Pergolas

Sail-top pergolas are easy to set up for pergola builders although they might not serve as many purposes as other styles. There are 3 to 4 posts required where a sail should be attached across the tops of posts so there can be a shade. Sail-top pergolas have a debonair look with no curves and chipped edges. There is not much roof here which makes it hard for growing plants and climbers to develop. These climbing plants are usually the essential component of a pergola as they provide a cool shelter. 

Steel-Frame Pergolas

The steel material used for a pergola brings sturdiness in the structure and flexibility in designs. There is no need to use the same-old 4 columns or posts and you can use support beams with the steel. Steel-frame pergolas do not require much maintenance and do not have a constant need to be supervised. These type of pergolas are usually built by pergola builders in the commercial locations in Sydney so to provide an industrial feel. These can be a great option but they are usually a bit expensive.

Open-Topped Pergolas

Open-topped pergolas are a very common sight in this industry. There are 4 wooden beams and 1 or 2 cross beams on the roof. One side of the angled roof is higher than the other. They usually come in square or rectangle with numerous climbing plants growing upon them for the shelter.

As they are made of wood, they require annual maintenance at the very least. Amongst the various types, these are the most reasonable ones and can be built quickly if you have contracted professional pergola builders.

Pitched/Gabled-Roof Pergolas

As the name suggests, these pergolas are usually just triangular trusses that give a higher ceiling. These are also common in residential areas. As they are attached to the house, they are considered to be an extension room or outdoor living room. They can also have storage space below them. There are extra skill and time needed to build this so make sure you have hired skilled pergola builders. People can also apply some puckered plastic on the roof for these pergolas as the pitched roofs provide good drainage. With this, you will be able to use the pergola freely even in the rain. It might increase the cost but definitely worth it.


No matter where you reside in Sydney, you can hire some expert pergola builders and get to know about more options available. Once you are affixed on what you want, you will have them in no time and can get that roomier feel you have waited so long for.