Proper And Periodical Maintenance Of Fire Extinguishers Can Be Life-Saving

Keeping a fire extinguisher at home is always a very good choice. You never know when an accident can happen. An electrical glitch or a kitchen mishap can result in a fire breakout. Thus keeping a fire extinguisher handy is advisable. However, when you are installing a fire extinguisher, you must consider its periodical maintenance, in order for it to work when required. Timely inspection and maintenance are very important for a fire extinguisher. 

About inspection and maintenance :

For the inspection and maintenance of your fire extinguisher, you can always seek professional help. You can hire professionals to check and help in fire extinguisher recharge. However, it is always good when you know how to inspect and maintain this fire gadget.

Parameters of inspection :

The first thing that you would need to remember is that a monthly check-up is a must. This will help you to maintain the extinguisher easily. Some of the tips for inspection are:

  • The extinguisher should remain in an open space and not obstructed by anything else.
  • The outside wall of the extinguisher should not hold any deposit.
  • The nozzle of the extinguisher should be kept clean from blockage. Regular cleaning will keep the nozzle free
  • The pressure of the extinguisher must be checked periodically to see if it is at the required level.
  • The pin of the extinguisher must be whole.

How do you maintain the extinguisher?

A monthly inspection can help you with what needs to be done. After every use, the extinguisher will need a refill or recharge. Fire extinguisher recharge is done by qualified professionals. It should not be tried at home under any circumstances.  Recharges can be done in several ways depending on the model and make of the fire extinguisher you are using. The latest fire extinguishers are very easy to recharge as they come with a pressure gauge. They do not require a cartridge replacement. Recharge can be done directly into the container.

For older models, you may need to replace the cartridge for fire extinguisher recharge. This process can be very expensive as it will require a new cartridge for a refill. In any case, you must take the extinguisher to a reputed professional who is certified to perform this job.

Fire extinguishers are expensive and thus require proper maintenance for it to last long. You can do the inspection part on your own, but you must change, refill, or repair the thing by yourself. It should only be done by a professional.

Fire extinguishers for commercial use :

Fire extinguishers that are used in offices and commercial places must be maintained properly. It is best to buy an annual maintenance contract that will totally take care of the fire extinguishers timely. Many companies provide these services to homes and offices. You can contact them for more information.

Conclusion :

Fire extinguishers are important for homes and offices. They should be installed at the proper place with the help of a professional and it is equally important to take care of this gadget for saving your home or office when disaster strikes.