Protect Your Goods In Wooden Shipping Crates 

wooden shipping crates

There are several ways to carry goods from one location to another without damaging the components inside. Only a few people realise that the components inside the wooden shipping crates should stay safe. The wooden shipping crates help in protecting the products from impact and vibration with customisation of the external and internal components.  

The following are the things you need to know about keeping the products securely inside the crates. 

  • Tie downs and saddles

You need to allow the product to rest on the saddle. Choosing customised wooden or steel saddle to connect to the base of the product directly, and this helps in supporting the payload of the products during shipment. The straps or tie-down devices allow the product to stay in place and aids easy installation to the wooden crates. The tie-downs coordinate with the saddle for the best outcome. 

  • Use a pallet and complying to the standards

You should always stick to a pallet during the transportation and lifting the wooden shipping crates. Usually, the pallets create space between the ground and the crate, allowing the carriers and crew handling the cargo to use a lift truck to move the crates.  The arm of the lift truck fits the pallet slot for easy movement of the crate. The wooden pallets are ideal for the wooden shipping crates but you need to keep the crate on the centre to aid the lifting task. All you need to do is stretching the wrap so that the pallet stays attached to the crate with ease. 

  • Using robust hardware and filler 

Using steel hardware ensures the security of your product inside a wooden crate and prevents instances of theft. Moreover, the hardware also makes it easy to lift or open the crate. 

When carrying lightweight products for transportation to another destination, you can wrap them in foam, bubble, loose fill or newspaper. Using void filling material, such as inflated air tubes to provide protection within your budget is the best choice. 

  • Pack the crate

The wooden crates or big-sized shipping containers can make it inconvenient to look inside. Although you can store a lot of weight inside the crates, you need to do the packing properly to ensure the safety of goods. Make sure that weight distribution is uniform before sending the crate for shipment. 

  • Maintaining the crate

One of the tasks you cannot compromise is the maintenance of wooden shipping crates if you have plans to reuse them. The accumulation of dirt and debris in the inner parts of the crate is natural during the transportation of dry shipping goods but you need to wipe the inner portion of the crate adequately before sending it off with the next set of assignment. 

  • Bracing and wrapping 

Bracing is one of the techniques that provide security to the inner portion of the crate, and all that is needed is using a screw or nail to surround the part. Apart from this, bracing or blocking help in supporting the packaging from inside and outside. Wrapping the pallet also ensures the integrity of the packaging. You can focus on stretch materials for a tight fit around the product with minimised hassles of damage due to high tension. 

Following the above-mentioned tips allow you to ensure that the goods are protected within the shipping crates.