PTFE SEAL TAPE: Attributes That Make It The Plumber’s Tape

PTFE seal tape

Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene tapes or commonly known as PTFE tapes is a synthetic polymer. It is a thin white tape that is used to wrap the ends of plastic or metal pipes. Lashed with numerous properties, it has become the common and the best choice to seal the leaks and joints of the pipes. It is because of this; PTFE seal tape is often known as Plumber’s tape.

It is an adhesive tape that comes in a wide range of sizes and width on spools or rolls. Some associated attributes make the tape popularly being used at every plumbing job. The properties of PTFE seal tape are as follows—

  • Chemically Inactive or Inert

One of the most useful properties of these tapes is the inertness towards any chemical solution. This property has helped it to establish itself as a reliable sealant for the pipes that carry chemicals. It’s chemical inertness has enabled it to withstand the harshest effect of gases, acids or other chemical solvents. This also means that it has its inertness towards petrol and oil.

  • Ability to Withstand Extreme Pressure

Whether it is leakage through a small orifice or a big hole, the pressure withstanding capacity of PTFE seal tape makes it a popular choice to be used at sites where pressure handling is at the peak. The robustness of PTFE tape can be deduced from the fact that this finds its usage at the fuel injection system. 

  • Withstand High Temperature

Being the polymer of Teflon, it can withstand high temperature. This property makes it an ideal sealant for pipes that carry high-temperature liquid and many more.

Another greatest aspect of the high temperature withstanding property is that the tape does not lose its internal composition and properties when exposed to a higher temperature. It stands effective in a broad range of temperatures.

  • Malleable and Ever Soft

Every one of us might have heard of gold. It is famous for its malleability as a metal. Even the PTFE seal tape that the plumbers use too has malleability and elasticity. It is because of this property that tearing and winding up of the tape around the spot of leakage becomes so easy and hassle-free.

It finds easy winding up around pipe threads, radiator valves, taps, and other plumbing accessories.

  • Non-stick Backing

Another essential property of PTFE seal tape that cannot be ignored is its removal later on. It does not leave behind messy adhesive. In case the joint is to be re-repaired, the tape can easily be removed for fixing the problem.

  • Easy Compatibility

The availability of PTFE seal tape in different shape and size makes it a popular choice amongst the plumbers. In addition to this, it shows compatibility with a wide range of piping materials.


PTFE is a thermo polymer. It has the capability of maintaining its toughness and strength at room temperature even. Undoubtedly, it has got the best and superior thermal and chemical properties and stands the expectation of the plumbers.