Purchasing A Used Generator? Avoid These Major Blunders To Get The Maximum Benefits!

diesel generator for sale

The top five most typical mistakes individuals make when purchasing a second hand diesel generator for sale, are listed below. This useful advice may save you time and money by ensuring you get the proper generator for you.

Purchasing based on price:

When it comes to secondhand diesel generator for sale, the old saying “you get what you pay for” certainly applies. Customers frequently tell us that the generator will only be utilised for backup power for less than 5 hours per year and that they do not want to spend a lot of money on it. What is the sense of purchasing an inexpensive generator if it fails when the mains breaks, leaving you without power? As with any industry, there are several classes of used generator companies; please purchase from one that thoroughly tests their equipment and provides evidence of this through comprehensive test results. 

Generator Not Fully Tested: 

This gets us neatly to the second error – purchasing a generator that has not been thoroughly tested. Too often, They find old generators for sale that have been washed and run for little more than 10 minutes. This is absurd!! The only way to find out if a generator is working well is to put it through its paces using a load bank. At diesel generator for sale store, all generators undergo a full load test that runs through the generator’s numerous load phases before being loaded to 50% of the rated capacity in one step to simulate the high-impact loads experienced in industrial buildings. All of the tests need to be certified, and you, the customer, should receive a copy of these certificates, which show all of the work they have done – make sure you get this information from whoever you buy a used diesel generator for sale from – it is the only way to know that it will work properly and provide you with peace of mind.

Relying solely on age and hours worked.

When settling on a generator, age and hours are significant factors to consider, but they do not tell the full picture. Within 500 run hours, a badly maintained generator or one that uses low-quality fuel might cause serious problems. In general, the lower the hours on a well-maintained generator should result in a generator with the least amount of wear – the exceptions being those noted above and when a new generator is used at less than 30% of its maximum load, which will induce bore glasing. A modern diesel generator for sale will also have fewer time-dependent problems such as corrosion, dry seals, hoses, and so on. Normally, an older generator with more hours will sell for a lower price, which may be significant cost savings for a backup generator – but please ensure that it has been well maintained and completely tested before purchasing!!

The Generator Was Incorrectly Installed: 

The following are the most typical issues diesel generator for saleshop  encounter:

  • Air inlets and outputs are limited, preventing enough cooling air from flowing.
  • Remote fuel tanks have been employed in situations when either the pipework or the fuel tank is insufficient.
  • The battery charger and jacket water heater auxiliary supplies are either disconnected or wrongly connected.

If you want your generator to last, please install it appropriately and, at the very least, have a skilled generator engineer from a diesel generator for sale store to check over and commission the generator before usage.