Reasons Why Timber Decking Is The Best Thing You Can Do To Your Yard

Nothing is better than walking through your back door and onto a timber deck. As a grand entrance to your backyard, it is a warm and inviting place for you to relax and have fun with your friends and family. We have come up with five reasons why timber decking in Castle Hill would be best for your yard.

1. Make a place to relax:

Timber decking is the best foundation for making a place to relax in your garden. Decking is more comfortable to walk on when it is cold outside because it’s smooth. Concrete or pavers are not as warm. Think of your backyard as a place where you can take a break and enjoy some quiet time.

2. Elevate your entertaining space:

In many cases, clients think they have very few design options when they have a block that is not level. Since timber decking does not need a flat foundation, it is a great way to make the most of space that is usually not used. By raising the height of your decking to meet the foundations of your house, you can make your outdoor living area look like it’s part of your home.

3. Adds value to a property:

People who work in real estate say that adding a deck can raise the value of a home by 10 per cent and make you back 82.8 per cent of your money. Decking disasters, which are done on the cheap and without planning, will not add value to a home. Choose high-quality timber decking and ensure it’s installed correctly to get the best results from your decking project.

4. It’s low maintenance:

To enjoy your deck for years, you should put up the decking first and then enjoy it! The lawn does not need to be cut, so it should be easier to clean than a patio. Gripsure non-slip timber decking is easy to keep clean, but you should follow a few basic steps to keep it looking great. Regularly sweeping your deck with a stiff brush will help remove leaves and dirt. A pressure wash once a year will get rid of more stubborn dirt and algae.

5. Environmentally friendly:

As timber is a renewable resource, installing a decking will not be bad for the earth. However, it is essential to ensure that the company you choose builds with environmentally friendly methods and gets its wood from managed forests or plantations, even though it does not seem like it. Due to its low cost, composite decking has become a popular choice.

6. Naturally versatile:

The beauty of timber decking is that it can change the outdoor space look. Timber decking, which is usually used under a patio or pergola, is also an excellent choice for around a swimming pool.

We assume you should go with composite decking if you are thinking about installing decking around your pool. There is a chance that the area will get wet. Natural wood could rot over time, but its composite counterpart will not.

With a life expectancy of up to 40 years, timber decking in Castle hill is the best thing you can do for your garden if it is correctly cared for.