Reasons Why You Should Clean Your Chimney

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Chimneys like other electronic products also require servicing and cleaning. When burning coal or wood, the smoke goes up to the chimney and releases a chemical that is part of the burning process. Some of the chemicals leave sooth while on the way up. Therefore, this sooth has flammable substances called creosote.

With time, the deposit starts to block and finally blocks the entire chimney. Consequently, it is because of this reason that the south should be cleaned. However, if left uncleaned, the chimney will be clogged or even cause chimney fire and the chimney may be slower than normal.

What kind of chimney sweep should you use?

Most people make the mistake of going for the cheapest chimney sweep in Hornsby they can acquire. This is because of the false economy, and this is likely to be dangerous. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose an experienced local sweep and reliable who will not leave any mess behind. This is better than going for the cheapest one you can find only to disappoint you. Like there are many cowboy builders, and you are required to choose carefully, it is also similar that you will find an inexperienced chimney sweep out there as well. It is not recommendable to choose someone who is setting up the business as opposed to the experienced sweep and definitely who seems very cheap. Any chimney sweep services in Hornsby, charging extremely low should be avoided.

Three mistakes people make with chimneys:

  • Do not check the chimney the outside and around the fireplace

You not only need to clean the inside of the chimney but the inside of the chimney and the fireplace should also be inspected. Many chimneys in Hornsby have stayed many years without inspection of the conditions of the bricks. It is, therefore, essential to examine the chimney to check for any damages or leaning or if there is a need to reprint the brickwork around the fire, especially at the back. It is necessary to check the condition of the bricks. After some time, the brickwork can be damaged from the heat of the fire, and because of this, some end up cracking. In the case of large cracks, a replacement will be needed.

  • Burning the wrong fuel

It is essential to burn hardwood like elm, Hazel, and many others other than softwood like conifer and pine. Hardwood burns slowly compared to softwood. This makes it cheaper since fewer logs will be used. The hardwood also burns at high temperatures. This reduces the amount of creosote that is reported in the chimney resulting in a chimney sweep.

  • Trying to do it yourself

You can decide to sweep the chimney by yourself. It is, however, hard physical work, and you will be dirty. Therefore using an experienced professional who understands what is doing is a plus. When sweeping the chimney yourself, you will need to hire sweeping brushes, and you are likely to take a whole day doing the work. Whereas a professional knows, what he is doing and will take less than an hour to clean the chimney

 Overall, a chimney sweep is essential, and as already discussed, you can consider experts during chimney sweep in Hornsby to clean it for you whenever you need the services.