Reasons Why You Should Have Waterproof Vanities In Your Bathroom

Waterproof vanity

So, let us talk about your modern bathroom. After all, you have spent time and money building your modern bathroom. People have always been more interested in things like luxury and style. Still, how well your bathroom works will always be just as important. For example, it is important to choose a perfect waterproof vanity. First, a vanity is just a place in the bathroom with cabinets, storage space, and modern sinks that you can use.

Waterproof vanities are made resistant and impervious to outside things like water. Safety is also an important thing to think about in your modern bathroom. Aside from that, your bathroom should be built and equipped to be used by everyone, from small children to older adults. This means that people like kids and the elderly should feel safe in the bathrooms. In the same way, having things like waterproof vanities will go a long way toward ensuring everyone’s safety.

Here are five good reasons why your bathroom should have waterproof vanity.

  • Stops Leaks

Water will always find the quickest and easiest way to go down because of gravity. If there is a weak spot or crack in your floor or walls, or if the sealant between your walls and bath has gaps, water can easily start to leak through and will soon be in your basement. This could lead to damp walls and ceilings at a lower level or, even worse, drops of water forming on light fixtures. This is a bad thing because water and electricity are mixing, which is never a good thing. This will not happen in a room that has been tanked. 

  • It Prevents Dampness And Mold

You can see what is happening outside your walls and floor, but you cannot see what’s going on underneath. If you are remodeling your bathroom, you may have pulled up some tiles to find wood or plaster that looks damp and rotten. This happens when water gets through the top layer and into the wood, plaster, or brick, which is not usually treated for this kind of damage. By putting a waterproof vanity between these surfaces and your top layer, you can stop condensation from building up and stop dampness from happening.

  • Insulation

Waterproof boarding will stop leaks and mold from forming, but it is also a great way to keep heat in. If your bathroom has external walls, you know how cold they can be, especially in the winter. A waterproof vanity will help keep the warm air inside, which will help keep your energy bills down.

  • Enhanced Bathroom Options

By building a stud wall with a waterproof vanity, you can add more designer touches to your bathroom, like a wall-hung toilet with a hidden cistern, a wall-hung sink, and handy niches for your toiletries. You could also turn your bathroom into a wet room and get rid of your shower tray to make a modern open-plan shower. Your designer bathroom became interesting all of a sudden.

  • Boost the Value of Your Home

When a room is fully tanked, it shows that time and effort have been put into giving it a professional finish. This, in turn, is a great selling point when it’s time to move on, which increases the value of your home.