Refurbished laptops: Frequently Asked Questions

Put in simple words; refurbished laptops are the repaired state of otherwise faulty laptops. The manufacturers renovate such laptops, and the flawless versions are available in the market at a low price.

Marketing services makes that possible. If you are looking for refurbished laptops in Australia, they are available even in the most sophisticated models. 

However, before buying such laptops, the majority of the buyers come up with some common questions and doubts. We have tried to jot down a few such common doubts and clear them for your convenience.  

  • How are these laptops refurbished? 

The refurbishment of any laptop is a systematic process, and it differs from one manufacturer to another. Initially, the manufacturer performs a cleanup service.

After that, the computer goes through a thorough technical proficiency evaluation process. The manufacturer also repairs any damage like scratches. The renovated system then goes through vigorous testing to make sure no error is present.   

  • Do refurbished laptops come with a warranty? 

The majority of the companies offer a minimum warranty of six months. However, that varies depending upon the manufacturer’s policy. You can avail an extended warranty of two years from some selected retailers.

In some cases, these laptops come with more extended warranty periods such as three years. 

  • What are the selection criteria while buying such laptops? 

If you are buying refurbished laptops in Australia, you should always select it depending upon the purpose of the laptop. Moreover, the reputation of the manufacturer and the seller is also an essential factor to consider. You also need to evaluate the warranty and the cost while selecting the system.  

  • Which are the leading companies? 

Some of the leading manufacturers in the genre of refurbished laptops in Australia is Fujitsu, Panasonic, Toshiba, Compaq Armada, Dell, and IBM. You can also find some resellers working in the said market like,, etc.  

  • How are refurbished laptops different from used laptops? 

Refurbished laptops are renovated defective laptops, whereas used laptops are the resale laptops. Generally, the manufacturer rebuilt the refurbished models. They upgrade the features of the laptops keeping the recent market trends in mind.

On the other hand, the used laptops are just polished by the sellers before reselling. Technical upgradation lies beyond question in the case of used laptops. Sometimes refurbished laptops on sale come with more features.  

  • What are the price advantages of refurbished laptops? 

The price of refurbished laptops is often reasonable due to the increased market competition. Besides this attractive pricing advantage, the majority of the suppliers offer promotional offers and discounts.

You can enjoy special discounts on bulk purchases. Five percent discount is available for military people, students, and senior citizens. 

Bottom line 

Suppose you are ready to venture into the world of laptops but lack the necessary budget or are not sure about the specifications you need. In that case, you might consider delving into the world of refurbished laptops in Australia.

As far as the benefits of such laptops are considered, you have innumerable points to go through. In short, you can remain fully assured that you will get a properly functioning laptop if you are buying a refurbished one.