Roles That Fabrics Play In Interior Design

interior design fabrics

Fabrics play an important role in home furnishing. In reality, there is an age-old trend of using fabrics for interior decoration. Popular interior decorators often use different fabrics for room decoration while maintaining a balance with the wall colours and the arrangement of furniture in the room. According to the experts, the meticulous use of interior design fabrics can set the rue tone of a room depending on its mood and the radiating ambience. The modern interior designing concept also mentions that some fabrics are just perfect for interior decoration and these include chiffon, silk, organza, and other stretch fabrics.

Fabrics are mostly used for covers of the furniture items like chairs, sofa, mattresses, etc. Besides, other uses of fabrics are curtains, bedsheets, or drapes. Other uses of fabrics in interior design are pillow and cushion covers, towels, dining table covers, napkins, etc.

Now let us find out why fabrics are so important in interior design:

Roles that fabrics play in interior design:

Fabrics can add colour to any interior, whether office or home. And the colours often vary depending on the place. For instance: warm and bright colours are perfect for homes and subtle and dark colours are perfect for offices. Besides, you must choose the fabric colour according to the furniture type, as the blend of both will add to the overall theme of the interior design. Corporate places choose solid coloured and plain fabrics, whereas homeowners go for fabrics of unique designs and patterns. And the designs of the interior design fabrics often vary from cross-stitch, traditional, embroidery, etc. So, while selecting the fabric, one must consider the functionality.

Apart from that, while selecting the fabric for interior design, it is important to consider the possibility of damage that the fabric has to endure, like wearing out or tearing because of excessive use. Other things to consider are pets, kids, and other things that can ruin the fabric.

Popular fabrics that are part of interior design:

  1. Silk: This is a popular choice of fabrics for interior designing in residential properties. Silk offers a rich feel to the surroundings and therefore it is mainly used in upholstery and also as bed sheets, cushion covers, pillow covers, etc.
  2. Rayon: This is one of the commonest interior design fabrics, which works as the alternative to silk with a great texture. But the only issue with this fabric is that it easily gets wrinkles.
  3. Cotton: Being cheap and light, this fabric is very popular in interior design. Besides, this fabric is highly durable. Therefore, it is widely used in many areas of interior design.
  4. Leather: This fabric adds a rich look and feels to the interior. So, it is mostly used in the chair and sofa covers of the commercial places to offer a luxurious feel.
  5. Polyester: This is another popular fabric widely used in interior design because of its strong nature. The most popular uses of polyester are bedsheets and curtains.