Significant Features of Timber Flooring

The appearance of hardwood flooring exudes an unrivalled sense of flair and elegance. This flooring has both character and appeal, so it is no surprise that homeowners respect timber flooring. Timber is not only flexible and elegant, but it is also well known for being robust and long-lasting, making it an excellent investment for families wishing to construct and design their permanent homes with materials that will last a lifetime.

Timber flooring is an excellent choice for your house, but before you pull out your credit card and start purchasing your new floor, you should be aware of its properties. Your flooring is an investment that should be handled accordingly. Here are some of the qualities of timber flooring in Cecil Hills of wood and things to think about when purchasing new flooring.


The colour of the wood floor will be determined by the timber species used. Everyone is unique. No two trees are alike. Each has distinct colour variations that set it apart from other trees. As a result, finding an identical hue match is almost difficult. Timber’s colour naturally changes as it matures, particularly when exposed to direct sunshine. To avoid colour change, it is recommended that you do not keep your curtains open for an extended length of time.


Timbers are not all the same, with some being significantly more durable than others. The hardness of the material determines how effectively it withstands impact develops indentations and scratches. If durability is your primary priority, go for oak or hickory.

Top Nail or Secret Nail

When you choose timber flooring, you have two nail profiles to choose from top nail boards and concealed nail boards. When you pick top nail boards, nails will be inserted through the board’s top surface. The nails are placed through the tongue of the board for concealed nail boards with cleaner finish results.


The feel of the floor may be affected by the kind of board and sub-floor supporting system used. If they are attached directly to concrete, the floor will be stronger rather than being put over plywood or any comparable sub-floor. Noises such as squeaks are prevalent in dry weather due to weakening the board’s joints.

Homeowners should consider these timber flooring features in addition to timber flooring pricing. A more expensive wood floor does not always imply greater quality. When selecting a timber floor for your house, it is essential to stick to the recommendations.

Choosing wood is just the first step; you must choose the flooring features you want in your house. Hopefully, these features will assist you in selecting the best flooring for your house.

Timber floors are superior not only in terms of appearance but also in terms of value. Yes, adding timber flooring in your house may boost its real estate value and attract more prospective buyers when you decide to sell it. Many people like wood floors. Therefore, they are ready to pay a premium. Another important aspect of their popularity is their inexpensive cost of maintenance.