Significant Guide to Lifting Clamp

Lifting clamp

A crane hook is a tool used in a hoist or crane to grab and lift things. On the other hand, lifting clamps, like automatic lifting clamps, are used to place, lift, and move materials from one station to another in a horizontal or vertical direction.

On the market today, there are many different kinds of lifting clamps that can be used for a wide range of lifting and moving tasks. In this quick guide, we will look at the different types of lifting clamps and how to use them.

What Are The Different Uses of Lifting Clamps?

Lifting clamps are an essential part of almost every industry because they can be used for many different things. They make things easier and safer for those who run them and work on construction sites. Some of the industries that frequently use lifting clamps are:

Mining Industry

There are heavy loads and harsh conditions every day in the mining industry. This is why it is so important to follow all safety rules. Lifting clamps have enough power to move and transport any load or material within the safety limits set. These clamps are used in many extractions and movement operations.

Transportation Industry

This is the most common place where lifting clamps are used. Transportation means moving heavy things from one place to another. They load cars onto trailers, finished goods into containers, and large items used in manufacturing and building.

Construction Industry

Pre-made building materials like iron sheets, heavy doors, windows, or metal pipes are quickly loaded and unloaded with lifting clamps. Lifting clamps are also used to move things like the wood used to build houses and heavy doors, floors, walls, and windows.

Steel Industry

This is one of the biggest and most important industries of the last two hundred years, which is why new safety features and ways of working are being added. With the help of automated lifting clamps, work can be done from a distance in places like foundries and metal shops.

It is essential to choose a suitable lifting clamp for the job. This is because you need to know the load weights for each beam clamp. Depending on the job, you will need to decide if you need a heavy-duty beam clamp, which can be used for steel or concrete, or a lighter-weight beam clamp, which can be used for less heavy objects.

It is helpful to know that lifting clamp comes in many different types. Some can hold as little as a few hundred kilograms, while others can hold as much as 10 tonnes. You can also use other tools with your beam clamp. For example, adding an electric hoist will let you lift more with your beam clamp.