Stay Warm. Stay Safe – Fire Pit Ideas To Evade Fire Hazards

Each one of us in Australia faces the nature’s fury. At times we face the occasional cyclones, minimal rain during summers, the hot and humid temperature in summers, and cool to cold temperature during the winters. Summer nights can be charming with clear sky above the head. But the winter nights are never fascinating. The dip in the mercury makes us rest in mental uneasiness. We all shiver. Therefore, to give comfort from this restlessness during the winter months, the fire pit plays a crucial role to keep us warm.

What are Fire Pits?

It is believed that fire and man are synonymous with each other. In search of a man’s use of fire pits and fire, we would need to drive back to thousands of years back. Fire pits are simple pits that are dug in the ground. The fire pit ideas have always taken into consideration the design that would ensure maximum effectiveness alongside versatility.

The design of the fire pit has always been to ensure safety. With experience, man ensured that preventive measures should be taken to increase the effectiveness of the heat without getting the fire to spread. For this purpose, screens were used.

Report Related to Fire Related Hazards

However, even after taking so many safety measures, fire pit ideas, at times, turned out to be catastrophic. Australia, every year, faces the wrath of fire. Incidents related to damage to house or loss of lives due to fire are quite common. According to a report, the Australian fire agencies attended to approximately 110,000 cases of a fire breakout and of these ~20,000 were of structural fire; 4,500 were of accidental fires resulting in the death of roughly 80 people.

The incidents were mostly related during the winters because of the fire pits or during any outdoor recreational activities. The cases are still rising.

Time to Stay Safe with Fire

Several things need to be kept in mind while staying safe with the fire pit. According to the experts, the following fire pit ideas would be helpful in the process—

  • Shape and Design of the Fire Pit

Before going to have a fire pit at your house, it is necessary to make sure if the local rule allows doing so. If yes, the design and safe of the fire pit should be properly selected so that the unit has maximum efficiency and safety. Brick, stone, concrete, and wood fire pit with a built-in screen should always be preferred. 

  • Type of Fuel Used

There are fire pits that operate either on wood or gas. In both cases, safety measures should be maintained. For example, if the fire pit runs on wood, one must never try to burn a pressed wood or log. The reason being, since these are made up of wood dust, these might spread the fire.

In addition to this, one must always have a thorough look at the fire pit ideas and specifications regarding the type of fuel required.

  • Portable or Permanent Installation

Safety very much relies on the type of fire pit one is going to have. The safety measures for portable fire pit differ from the permanent one. Therefore, experts’ guidance on installation should be taken.


Fire and fire pits have made our lives easy. However, we need to use them safely to avoid any mishaps.