Bathroom Vanity – Factors That Should Drive Your Choice

bathroom vanities Sydney

Choosing the perfect vanity not just flairs up the bathroom but also adds functionality to it. Vanity has the potential to immediately give a character to your bathroom without a complete remodelling.

To achieve a sublime look you must carefully choose the vanity that is right for your bathroom. You can find inspiration from various websites and stores in Sydney for bathroom vanities. However, you should keep certain things in mind before choosing the right one. 

Right size and proportion

Think about the adequate size and make sure to take the proper measurement of the space where it is going to be installed. An awkwardly big or small vanity can create disasters for the functionality and aesthetics of your bathroom.

Set your priority right 

Freestanding vanity offers more storage while it’s hard to clean. On the other hand, wall-mounted vanity is easy to clean but not spacious. Therefore, while choosing the bathroom vanity you must prioritize either storage or easy cleaning.

Check your plumbing for flexibility

Before coming on any decision do not forget to check your plumbing for flexibility. While some vanities can be installed without any extra work, some need moving of pipes.

Right sink and faucet 

The bathroom vanities available in Sydney you choose may require a certain type of sink. Make sure to choose the right sink and faucet with your vanity if you are buying them separately. 


Vanities are placed in the most humid environment of the house. Thus, you should wisely choose the material for your vanity. 

Popular types of bathroom vanities 

The list for types of bathroom vanities can go on, for there are a variety of dealers with a wide range of bathroom vanities in Sydney. Nevertheless, here is a list of timeless and most popular types of bathroom vanities that you can consider installing in your bathroom.  


The freestanding bathroom vanity is one of the commonly used and most popular bathroom vanities out there in Sydney. You can find various subtypes of this vanity in various materials and colour options.


As the name suggests, wall-mounts are attached to the wall at some height to the ground level. Wall-mounted vanities offer a minimalistic and modern look with ample space inside them.

Vessel sink Vanity

This type of vanity features a vessel like a sink on the top of the vanity’s body. Vessel vanity can often be found in fancy hotel bathrooms to give them an edgy look. If you want your bathroom to look as fancy as hotel bathrooms you can go ahead and get an installed vessel sink on the top of your vanity.

Why is choosing the right one important?

Your bathroom vanity bears the complete burden of visual appeal. If you don’t care what your bathroom looks like, you can just chill, but if you are one of those people who love to unwind in an aesthetically pleasing bathroom after a long day at work, you must consider choosing the right vanity. Whether it is for extra storage or visual appeal, a vanity upgrade can always be justified.  

Guide for Choosing the Right Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom vanities in Sydney

Although installing or replacing the bathroom vanity may not be the most amazing part of bathroom remodelling, it can play an important role in completing your bathroom design.

So, if you place the vanity awkwardly in any high-traffic zone of the bathroom or if the bathroom vanities in Sydney don’t match with other décors of your bathroom, then the entire bathroom would face the consequences. Being an important part of bathroom renovation, the vanities can successfully dictate the complete look and feel of the place.

So, no matter whether you want a modern or conventional look for your bathroom, this guide can help you in making the right selection. But before that, you must know the different types of vanities that you can choose from the discount bathroom supplies store.

  1. Wall-mounted vanities:

    Also coined as floating vanities, this bathroom vanity type is directly mounted to the wall without any support from the floor. Therefore, these vanities offer a clean look while saving the floor space.

  2. Freestanding vanities:

    This is the commonest as well the most traditional vanity type available. These vanities rest on the floor and these are often secured to the wall through mounting screws to offer more stability.

  3. Console vanities:

    If you are planning to create an open concept in your bathroom, then choosing this type of vanity will be the best decision without any doubt. This vanity style comes with a modest design that offers a simple, airy look for people, who don’t prefer to install large cabinets in their bathrooms.

  4. Corner vanities:

    These bathroom vanities in Sydney are the ideal compromise for fitting these into small bathroom vanities. Being space savers, these vanities offer the necessary storage that the property owners need. And therefore, these allow the property owners to be more flexible with other projects within the bathrooms.


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Important considerations:

Before you shop for the bathroom vanity, you need to scope out the total room that you have in the bathroom. Deciding the space before making the installation is important to save the headache as well as the hassle of purchasing and returning a vanity from the discount bathroom supplies store that doesn’t match your space. 

The next thing that you need to decide before you purchase a vanity is the style. In the end, your bathroom vanity should match the other areas of the bathroom. For instance, if you want a conventional look and feel in your bathroom, then you can opt for antique or wood bathroom vanities.

The main reason behind it is that the warm colours or soft tones of these bathroom vanities in Sydney would fit in perfectly with other furniture pieces of the bathroom. On the other hand, contemporary bathroom vanity with a glass made sleek sink in a dark shade is perfect if you want to get a modern approach in your bathroom.

But no matter whatever type of bathroom vanity you select, make sure that those match with your faucets, sinks, and other important bathroom fixtures.

How To Renovate Your Bathrooms For Better Prices

With the new age housing system creeping in fast, homeowners are looking to submit their homes for resale for the extra cash. Before any house is put up for sale or is about to be purchased, the owners look forward to taking it through a complete renovation procedure to make it earn more in the market. One of the main rooms that every buyer check, is the bathroom. It is considered that even if the entire house is in the best of conditions and the show of the bathroom is not up to the mark, there is a huge chance that the house might not be sold or have much less price than it could have fetched. Thus, it is very important to make sure that the bathroom is properly renovated with all forms of fittings and bathroom vanities in Sydney.

Some of the main factors to keep in mind while renovating the bathroom for resale are:

  • Creating proper space: though bathrooms are not the most extravagant rooms in the house, it is extremely important for the buyer and also affects the liking of the viewer on the entire house. Moreover, brokers also prefer houses to have properly renovated bathrooms in order to get the right price for the house. For any well-constructed bathroom, space management is really important. One always needs to make sure that they use the most convenient bathroom vanities in Sydney to allow efficient storage space while giving the bathroom more space to move around.
  • Storage and Shelves: for any bathroom to be well-liked by the buyers, they need to have proper fittings for storage. Be it shelves or bathroom vanities in Sydney it needs to be positioned in a way that the materials kept on it can be easily accessed. Bathroom vanities in Sydney can be clubbed with mirrors to make it one unit for saving more space. As vanities are places where personalized items are kept, one needs to make sure that it has enough space to accommodate everything. Moreover, if there is enough space to add on extra shelves, it increases the chances of a sale.
  • Make it beautiful: this is one of the rooms of the house which is visited every day by every member of the house. Also, this room is meant for relaxation and cleansing oneself. Thus, buyers prefer it to have a pleasantly coloured interior along with a pleasant lighting system. The bathroom mirrors are usually paired with the bathroom vanities in Sydney to save space. These mirrors can have soothing backlighting to make it look pretty and sophisticated. Moreover, since these mirrors are used for various intricate purposes like shaving or applying makeup, it demands good lighting. Moreover, backlighting reduces reflection on the mirror and enables the user to see themselves perfectly. Nowadays, people don’t really want the bathrooms to be extremely big rooms. They are absolutely fine with the bathrooms being small, cozy but with enough space to move around in as long as the bathroom is properly designed.

Bathroom Vanity Cabinets-Give your Washroom a spacious look

Home decor is a incomplete without the upgraded bathroom decoration. A bathroom decor is also in imperfect without the contemporary bathroom vanities. Faucets, sinks,  basins, stylish cabinets are all which you can cherish.  

Floating Vanity Cabinets

Though it is small in size but the floating modern design is extremely spacious and holds many utilities. The large counter of the vanity or the centre drawers is for the laundry storage. Moreover, the other drawers on the left side are the house for toiletries and the toothbrushes.

This facilitates easy cleaning and are quite spacious.

Sleek Open Shelves

Open storage shelves are not only the ideal contemporary style but also it adds a spa-like feeling to your bathroom. Expose your taste with these gorgeous open vanities. The open shelves are the perfect towels. The drawers will offer space to hold your bath essentials and other hygiene products.

The stylish mirror cabinet

Modern and sleek, the bathroom vanities Sydney  floating vanities are the ideal for storage. The mirror display in the front will also compliment the look. 

The  mirror of the bathroom vanities Sydney will help you to track each of your skincare activities like shaving, face clean-up, etc.

Custom made Mirror Wall Cabinets

The custom made mirror wall cabinets are an excellent option. As they are custom made the space allotment including the mirror size can be decided by you. These cabinets are another way to give your bathroom a modern and exceptional stylish appeal. 

The glass transparent wall hanging mirror cabinets

The glass cabinets are best recommended for the modern sassy makeover. The shelves on the sides are made of glasses with a glass door closure. Thus, you can flaunt your toiletries and other stylish cosmetics placed on the rack. 

The light display will illuminate the whole piece making it more vibrant and gorgeous.

Home decor is a incomplete without the upgraded bathroom decoration. A bathroom decor is also in imperfect without the contemporary bathroom vanities.

Antique Wooden Mirror Cabinets

The wooden hanging mirror wall cabinets is perfect for the antique decor. If you are a person who treasure vintage pieces for the interior decor then there is nothing better than this. 

These bathroom vanities Sydney are perfect to protect your shower time products and the strong wooden frame will also compliment your taste.

The ultra sleek mirror cabinets

These pieces of cabinets are breaking the stereotypes!! They cabinets does not come attached to the mirror. Instead, they come in two different pieces. 

The cabinet sections are spacious enough to hold your bath accessories like towels, bathrobes, etc. It also have ample spaces for the cosmetics. On the other, hand the mirror fitted in the wall will give you a perfect glimpse of your morning face. 

The bathroom vanities are the ultimate accessories of bathroom decor. They come in different styles and shapes. Their wide variety of styles will compliment your home decor in many ways. They will reflect your taste. Besides, a creative bathroom decor will leave your guests awestruck.

Give it a try and feel the difference!! For more such ideas browse the bathroom vanities  Sydney ideas.