The Ultimate Guide To Freestanding Bath – Types And Benefits

Freestanding Bath

Since the bathtub is the most extravagant fixture of the bathroom, you must choose the best among all to make your bathroom the ultimate space for unwinding.

A freestanding bath adds flair to your bathroom by giving it a unique look and illusion of space. These tubs come in various materials, designs, and styles to complement the décor of your bathroom. And if you are worried about installation, you can easily hire a contractor for tapware in Sydney to do the necessary plumbing and fixtures.    

Major types of Freestanding Bath:

There are four major types of freestanding tub:

The freestanding – This ultimate freestanding option retains the beauty of the stylish tub and makes it stand out in the bathroom. True freestanding comes in many shapes and can be installed anywhere in the bathroom.

Corner freestanding – As the name suggests corner freestanding can be tucked in the corner of your bathroom if you have a small pace but you still want the luxury of a freestanding bath. 

Clawfoot freestanding – It offers a more traditional and vintage look. For the feet of your clawfoot bath, you can choose from a wide variety of colours and metals. 

Wall-mounted – These types of freestanding baths are most suitable for people who cannot move their plumbing for the true freestanding. However, wall-mounted freestanding also possesses the essence of a true freestanding bath. 

Freestanding bath – why is it the best?

Vintage touch

If you are a person who loves old world charm in your bathroom, you can choose a freestanding bath and brass tapware available in Sydney to achieve the look. It will definitely add some vintage touch to your bathroom and make you feel like you have arrived in a different world every time you enter your bathroom. 

Comprehensive design and style 

While all built-in bathtubs look the same, freestanding bathtubs come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you want a pedestal or you want a clawfoot, you have numerous designs and styles to choose from.  


Freestanding bath creates a unique ambience in the bathroom. A freestanding tub installed right in the middle of your bathroom will give your bathroom a luxe spa-like atmosphere. It’ll be like enjoying the day in a spa from the comfort of your bathroom. 

Easy installation

Freestanding tubs are literally easiest to install in your bathroom. If you are not getting a bath installed just because of the mess it will make, consider installing a freestanding bath. 

The illusion of extra space

You might initially feel like your bathroom is too small for a freestanding tub. But after installation, a freestanding bath creates an illusion of extra space in your bathroom. 

The flexibility of choosing a space for the tub

A huge benefit of choosing a freestanding tub is flexibility. While built-in tubs can only be placed against the wall, you have the flexibility to choose the perfect space in your bathroom with a freestanding tub.

You deserve to be treated well after a long tiring day at work. If you are remodelling your bathroom or constructing a new house, think twice before choosing the perfect bath. It might change your life forever.

Common Mistakes Homeowners Make When Doing Bathroom Renovations

The days when bathrooms were a mere necessity are long gone, to be honest; it just had to be enough for us to do our everyday routine. As homeowners these days are investing heavily in making their bathrooms a visual delight packed with all the luxury facilities, times have changed. But this evolving trend is not inexpensive, so you will have to incur a large amount more often than not, whether you are constructing a new bathroom or doing bathroom renovation in Coogee.

Nevertheless, be it any renovation, it is essential to follow a set of rules and guidelines so that you can avoid making inevitable mistakes, which would end up being costly. 

bathroom renovations Coogee

Here are the most common mistakes that people make while bathroom renovations?

Inappropriate Budget

There should be a fixed budget for any renovation, and you have to cater to that. Sadly, not many individuals understand this. The thing is, renovations can easily go overboard if not done on a budget, and this is one of the most significant errors one can make. What begins as a modest renovation can quickly turn into an outrageous thing. If you want to ensure that the renovations’ cost remains in your budget, make sure to prepare ahead and, if necessary, seek professional support for the reason.

Being Unrealistic

You saw it in a home decor magazine only because a bathroom concept bowled you over, or television commercials do not mean you should apply them to your bathroom. Each room, including the bathrooms, has its limitation of design and layout. This is something that many homeowners do not understand and make the mistake of thinking that they can renovate their bathroom in any way they want. 

For starters, if you have a small bathroom, you cannot expect to have a big Jacuzzi in them. Before you can prepare for your renovations, you need to be realistic about your bathroom space. Check what all you need to add in your space like, tapware, shower, towel stands etc. Tapware is easily available in Sydney and they will surely enhance the look of your bathroom.

Going for DIY

On renovations, you may be tempted to DIY, but that does not mean you make the right decisions. It will indeed cost you a bit to recruit experts, but it will also mean that things are handled in the best possible way. You should never skimp on the standard when it comes to bathroom renovation. You may think that you are saving much money, but that is not true. In the long run, you could end up incurring much cash in the first place to repair the harm done by you.

Using Fixtures That Look Outdated

Many people make the mistake of concentrating only on bathroom tiling and improving its appeal without taking care of all the fixtures and fittings installed. If the other bathroom elements bog down its appearance, what is the point of investing in baths or tiles? To ensure that they do not look outdated compared to the walls and floor, you will have to cater equally to the fixtures and fittings, tap wares and many other accessories. You may resort to change the tap wares to ensure a successful bathroom renovation service In Coogee.

How Bathroom Tapware Has Been Categorised In Sydney?

For a little thing, a tap is enormous in the entire kitchen or washroom conspire, and throughout the years, it has created from its unassuming start. As of late, it is picking taps isn’t just about capacity any longer yet also about the style. There are a few decisions, as well as many kitchen taps. They’re currently energizing bathroom tapware available in Sydney that can be an announcement piece as opposed to being a primary cylinder.