Take A Look At This Selection Guide For A Hydraulic Torque Wrench!

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Since they were originally introduced in the early 1960s, hydraulic torque wrenches have advanced significantly. Technology advancements have produced a bewildering array of features and alternatives, making it much more difficult to be confident in your choice. If you are a bolting enerpac hydraulic wrench expert, you will be aware of the essential qualities required to successfully finish your own bolting jobs.

But it’s important to conduct your research whether you’re new to bolting or if you’re purchasing a torque wrench on someone else’s behalf. Check out the important factors They have outlined here by enerpac hydraulic wrench technicians.

Low Profile or Square Drive

Similar to a torque wrench you would have in your garage, a square drive hydraulic torque wrench operates on the same principle. According to enerpac hydraulic wrench experts, It functions with sockets of various sizes to accommodate nuts that need to be tightened or loosened. Interchangeable cassettes, sometimes known as “links,” are used with low-profile torque wrenches.

Regular or infrequent user

The majority of hydraulic torque wrenches made by reputable enerpac hydraulic wrench manufacturers are durable, dependable, and functional. However, heavier users frequently choose more expensive items, including the Enerpac S Series (square drive) and W Series (low profile). At this price point, added features like quick-change cassettes and hassle-free functions are expected.

Versatility and multifunctionality

Multipurpose tools are a good option if you want fewer instruments to handle a variety of tasks. The RSL Series and the aluminium-bodied HMT Series from Enerpac are excellent examples. Both have modules for low-profile and square-drive applications easily available at enerpac hydraulic wrench stores.

Size and Output of Torque

Will it have the necessary size and power to complete the task? Each hydraulic torque wrench is compatible with a wide variety of sockets or cassettes. However, there are a variety of drive heads available in the enerpac hydraulic wrench market. Each is intended to work with a certain range of hex sizes and has a varied maximum torque output. You should be aware of the smallest and largest sizes you want to cover.

What should I expect to pay for a hydraulic torque wrench?

Convenience, safety, and simplicity of use

If you’re purchasing anything for someone else, be sure you know what they anticipate the equipment to do. According to enerpac hydraulic wrench specialists, There are several elements that enhance both usage and safety. There include quick-change cassettes, swivel hoses, tether points, no-drop features, and safety handles. When operating in hazardous environments like offshore or at a high altitude on a wind turbine tower, each of these factors can significantly affect productivity.

Aluminium or steel?

When selecting a hydraulic torque wrench, this is seldom a significant consideration. For the majority of uses, a torque wrench with a body made of either material will be durable enough. It’s important to note that steel is just a little heavier than aluminium, but it’s also somewhat stronger. Additionally, steel torque wrenches are frequently smaller, which enables them to fit more applications, suggests enerpac hydraulic wrench expert.


There are many different accessories for hydraulic torque wrenches. These increase the level of security, certainty, convenience, and applicability. Examples include reducers, sockets, backup spanners, response arms of various lengths, safety grips, and pumps for torque wrenches.


You’ll find that selecting a hydraulic torque wrench calls for considerable thought. The following is a list of the points mentioned above. Contact the local enerpac hydraulic wrench distributor if you want any assistance.