The Beneficial Aspects Of Electric Dental Hand Piece Over Air-Driven Ones

Dentists have to use the power of dental hand piece when they are in business. These handpieces are growing in popularity these days, especially the electrical ones. Being powerful instruments, these products will offer an exceptional level of precision. However, understanding the characteristics is important before you get to proceed further with the best choices. Each one has its own features to cover. 

Even though it is true that the electrical ones are a bit more expensive than the air-driven ones, there are many benefits associated with them. Once you are sure of the advantages involved, you might even end up purchasing electrical dental handpieces for your practices. So, before making a purchase, it is time to check in with the benefits first.

The constant speed and the torque levels:

The very first benefit associated with the electrical dental hand piece is that they are able to maintain a consistent speed while they are in use. Even the torque levels remain consistent here.

  • It helps in reducing some unforeseen stalls and speed variations when you are using devices on dense materials. 
  • Moreover, with these electrical options, you are able to cut through dental crowns with ease.
  • The loads will not interfere with the speed and torque associated with the electrical handpieces. On the other hand, the air-driven ones are negatively impacted by the same loads.

Even, precise and smooth margins:

It is true that air-driven dental handpieces will often wobble and vibrate. It results in multiple irregularities in cuts in the preparation margin. Well, this is not the case with the electrical ones.

  • The electric dental handpieces will create a proper type of concentric motion.
  • It can be maintained throughout the course of the job.
  • This constant motion helps in ensuring the same margin, keeping it even, smooth and precise as needed.

Reduce the level of noise:

It is true that no dental hand piece in the market is 100% quiet. The electrical ones are going to emit low levels of noise than the air-driven ones.

  • The air dental instruments will mostly emit a high pitch sound. 
  • It will prove to be not just detrimental to hearing with time but will increase patient anxiety and discomfort levels too.
  • On the other hand, the lower emitted sounds from the electric instruments are often better for both you and even your patients.

Operating the speed control:

As the electrical dental handpieces are not burdened typically by the load to which they get subjected, you are able to control the motor’s speed better with them. It is quite beneficial while performing some chosen procedures. Most modern models now have digital-based displays, which will help you not just see but also maintain the speed of operation.

These are some of the major points to consider when you are trying to purchase handpieces for dental use. The electric ones are the best choices to make for better results for your patients.