The Characteristics Of European French Oak Flooring

European French Oak flooring 

If you look forward to installing new hardwood floors at your home, you will most likely be given plenty of options to choose from. Every variety of wood has a distinct feature that they offer. One of the popular options that you can opt for includes Oak flooring; it is being acknowledged worldwide for its old-school and vintage craftsmanship and aesthetic appeal. Even within oak, over 60 different varieties are grown and optimised as flooring options; additionally, these are rather inexpensive. Some reasons why you should opt for European French Oak flooring are listed below: 

  1. Stability: Oak as a material has immense propensity in terms of offering stability, that is, the wood’s ability to act when it comes in contact with any form of moisture. This can allude to its chances of either shrinking or expanding. Compared to other wood flooring options such as hickory or maple, these offer you much more reliability.
  2. Colour: Oak has an easy staining feature, and no, this isn’t a disadvantage. In fact, because of its stain retaining feature, these can be presented to you in an array of colour options. Other wood varieties do not stain easily and thus leave you with one standard and dull colour. Oak allows you to stain them dark or bright as per your style requirement. Even if you consider it in its natural state, these are available in a wide range of colours from light beige to brown and red.
  3. Grain: The different types of grain characteristics are associated with the species of the wood. Oak presents two primary varieties, i.e. red and white; both are typically straight-grained and present a prim and proper look. The colours are formed due to the difference in the wood’s pores. While the pores of the white oak are sealed with an outgrowth of cells that prevent it from inflicting any damage to the trees, red oaks commonly have open pores. Both these varieties have rays that align the grain, making it look like dark dotted pencil lines that are ideally shorter in red oaks. 
  4. Maintenance: The maintenance needed for oak spikes is minor and is dependent on the wood’s finish and the footfall that it’s likely to receive. Given that the wood is adequately sealed, these can brave through substantial quantities of moisture compared to its alternatives. 
  5. Density: Oak is a dense variety of hardwood than any other wood variety available out there. Here, white oak is regarded as sparingly denser than red oak. Both are exceptionally durable, dent and scratch-resistant. 
  6. Cost: Engineered oak flooring typically curated off European or American wood may cost one anything between $65 to $110 per square meter. Further, the installation of these might cost you around $30 to $40 per square meter. However, the prices of red and white oak might also vary based on the demand and supply. Another price determinant would be the size of the boards, along with the supplier you chose to purchase them from. 

The pointers mentioned above allude to the benefits of European French Oak flooring to homeowners looking to install them.