The Complete Guide For Waterproofing your Home?

Waterproofing products

For almost every homeowner, their house is one of their biggest investments and this quite accurately justifies why most homeowners spend so much time, effort, and money in constructing, designing, maintaining, and upkeep their home. One of the most prominent concerns for any homeowner in addition to the aesthetics of the home is the durability and health of the structure. To ensure that the life of the structure and the building remains long, one needs to protect it from the action of water that can create seepage and destroy the strength of the building. For this one needs to use various waterproofing products.

What is Waterproofing and What are waterproofing products?

Waterproofing is a method of protecting the walls and ceiling of the house from the action of water. There are several water pipelines in any building structure, and it is common to see that water leaks through them and comes in contact with the structure of the building that contains mostly cement, bricks and metals. In addition to this, under humid and rainy conditions or water lodging situations, the water seeps through the walls to come in contact with the metals that are very vulnerable to corrosion. Waterproofing ensures that the water does not penetrate through the walls and ceiling thereby creating leakages. Waterproofing products are material that facilitate this purpose. They create a water-resistant layer over the surface of the building when one applies these materials and does not let water to pass through themselves. This protects the structure from the harmful and corroding action of the water.

What are the most prominent types of waterproofing?

  • Pre-monsoon roof repair 

One of the times when the walls and roof of the house are most susceptible to water seepage is during the winters when water lodging is common. In addition to this, the overall moisture content is high in the air which exposes the walls and roof to more external pressure. To ensure that the water does not seep inside, it is important to ensure that the roof is covered with a waterproofing layer. The pre-monsoon roof repair ensures this and the products that one requires for sealing the roof are one of the most prominent waterproofing products that homeowners cannot afford to not invest in.

  • Brick bet waterproofing

This waterproofing helps in ensuring that all the cracks and water leakages are sealed to avoid their further growth and deterioration of the wall. It also helps in hiding all the untidy marks that might affect the aesthetics of the house and thereby make it look less presentable. While applying brick bet waterproofing, it is important to clean the whole surface and remove the debris before applying the chemical and the cement to make sure that the seal remains intact for a longer time.

  • Poly Acrylic waterproofing and chemical coating

This is one of the most superior and strongest waterproofing solutions that ensure a strong waterproofing base to provide a very high-quality seal. Quality is the primary concern, and this waterproofing solution needs highly trained and experienced professionals to apply the coating.


One should always ensure that they research well and invest in high-quality waterproofing products to ensure that the building structure, it is roof and walls remains intact for a longer duration without the need for much investment and maintenance.