The Importance Of Using Fully Customised Whiteboard Yearly Planner

whiteboard yearly planner

If you are willing to work smart and create a crafting schedule under your name, then a whiteboard yearly planner might be the right choice for you to address. It is one great way to help you work smarter. Now you must be wondering why to invest money in these planners when you have other notepads by your side. There are some good reasons for the yearly planner usage and it is time to head for those points now. Once you are aware of these areas, things will work out in your way.

The mess is subject to create unwanted stress:

Right to be productive in your office work, it is important to have an updated schedule daily by your side. It is furthermore necessary to have a system in place, which helps to outline the big picture. Nothing seems to be better than mapping out a system other than on the year planner.

  • Setting up some of the necessary goals and then working out all the major steps to achieve the result is one great way to overcome challenges and gain positive results. 
  • Writing those goals on a planner will make the task a lot easier for you. This is one great way to constantly monitor whether the schedule has been made or not and if the systems are proficiently aligned.
  • If they are not properly aligned, it will create a quick mess, resulting in stress. So, keeping that whiteboard planner seems to lessen that stress from your side.

Always aim for the Pareto Principle:

Also known as the 80/20 rule, this Pareto Principle is one note to address. It means that you will receive 80% of the result from 20% of the given input. You might end up spending a great deal of time on less productive activities. 

Moreover, you might face some interruptions that you have to deal with, resulting in productivity compromise. Successful people are well-aware of the ways to deal with interruptions. The best way to do so is by proactively coming up with ways to get back on track using interruption buffers and similar such concepts. You are always welcome to get your hands on a whiteboard planner and create a timeline. This timeline will target valuable activities and offer a constant visual reminder of what needs to be done on a first-priority basis.

Always making up most of the mornings:

You might not be that “morning person” and always end up getting up late. Mornings are the prime times for addressing productivity. Studies have indicated that concentration level and energy remains at the highest in such hours. So, it is better to check your emails in the afternoon to protect peak energy hours for the major things.

But that does not mean you have to leap out of bed and put your nose to the grindstone. Just look at the whiteboard yearly planner and then you have everything settled right in front of your hand. You will realize what to do that specific morning to get going with the rest of the day. So, get yourself a whiteboard planner right away!