The Ultimate Guide To Keep Your Concertina Doors In The Best Condition

concertina doors

Concertina doors are also a type of passage in a house or building that allows access to other areas of the house. This type of door is also known as the bi-fold door in the hot trend these days, not only because of their attractive appearance but also because they are a good alternative to traditional door solutions. As their other name, ‘bi-fold door,’ suggests, these doors can be folded to save space. 


What are concertina doors?


First things first, let’s break down what concertina doors are. Simply put, these are aluminum folding doors that slide and stack up to create a seamless and open space in the home or office. They are also often referred to as zig-zag or sliding-fold doors. These doors are made using double-glazed glass with an aluminum frame and are strong, sturdy and add a sleek modern look to any space.


What are the benefits of this door?


There are many benefits of installing concertina doors in your office or home:


  • Allows for versatility in the home or office – Opening up space or creating separate areas if you use them as room dividers.
  • Brings in more natural light – Because the doors are made of glass, more natural light is allowed to filter through.
  • Low maintenance – Doors do not need to be sanded, varnished, or painted. 


Here are the top three tips for maintaining these doors with minimal effort:

  • Clean them up


To ensure concertina doors continue to serve their applications while maintaining a luxurious look to a space, they need to be cleaned regularly. These doors do not require any special chemicals or equipment for cleaning purposes and the cleaning they require is sufficient.


 They are a low-maintenance door solution but need to be properly cleaned after a few months. Water, soap, and vinegar are the best products to clean these doors. Do not clean with too much force as this may cause permanent damage.

  • Pay attention to locks and runners


Locks and runners are the main parts of these doors and ensure that the doors serve their purpose for a long time without needing an expensive service. To do this, you must lubricate the door in all weather. This is a must-do even if you don’t use regular concertina doors. 


You must check them at regular intervals to make sure everything is in order, including their locks and runners. If you notice a problem, even if it looks minor, you must take it seriously and try to fix it as soon as possible. If the lock demands to be changed, replace it with the best one after consulting the door solutions expert.

  • Be gentle


Although these doors are durable and strong, you must treat them gently to ensure their smooth operation for a long time. Follow designated procedures when opening and closing doors. If there is a problem while doing this, do not force it. Instead, contact an expert and fix the problem.


These are some simple but essential tips for maintaining concertina doors to ensure prolonged use of the door without any hitches.