The Use Of Wide-Format Printers For Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl

Before you get right into printable heat transfer vinyl details, it is time to clear up the confusion related to transfer paper. The main misconception with the printable option is that it can work with a desktop printer like laser or inkjet. The truth is quite the opposite. The printable HTV will not work with the desktop, but you can expect the transfer paper to do the same. The printable option is mainly vinyl, whereas you have transfer paper, which is just paper. The printable HTV is one wide-format printer. 

The main goal of using printable heat transfer vinyl is to create some of the best digitally printed transfers. Understanding more about the vinyl before its usage is always a good call to address.

The reasons to add such digitally printed transfers to your business:

You are mostly asked to use printable heat transfer vinyl for creating some of the major digitally printed transfers. These transfers are a mainly great way to add some varieties in case you are planning to expand the business.

  • When compared to the non-printable version, you get the chance to print some of the smaller details and larger colour ranges with the printable ones.
  • There is no need to worry about the hassle of just layering the vinyl for procuring the multi-coloured designs here.
  • These digitally printed transfers are amazing for printing the custom patterns or even some of the full coloured logos, both of which will enhance the value and look of the business more. 
  • Overall speaking, these digitally printed transfers are of major quality when compared to the transfer paper. These printable heat transfer vinyl options are noted to be more durable when compared to the transfer paper.
  • On the other hand, the printable HTV will easily out-live the lifespan of the garment if the workers are able to apply it correctly.

The equipment needed for those printable HTVs:

Printable HTV is one of the wide formatted printers, which will help your business to shine in so many ways. But, always remember that it won’t work with the desktop printer. 

  • The digitally printed transfers are mostly done in one noteworthy fully CMYK colour process on wide-format printers with the help of eco-solvent or solvent ink. 
  • However, latex ink usage is noted to become more popular in this sector. 
  • Latex ink is highly beneficial because there is little to no time needed for drying when printed on printable heat transfer vinyl. 
  • So, this form of ink helps in increasing the printing volume with ease.
  • The wide-format printers for this purpose are available in so many widths, starting from 20 inches to 60 inches. 
  • The printers’ sizes will impact the transfer types to be made. But, most of the printable HTV will come in so many widths for matching multiple printer sizes.

So, without wasting time, make sure to select the best machine for printable heat transfer vinyl, and you don’t have to look back for sure.