Five Reasons Why Timber Plank Flooring Is The Right Choice For Your Sydney Homes

timber flooring woollahra

Hardwood floors are one of the most looked after flooring options that prevail over the minds and homes of interior designers, contractors and homeowners alike across the country. Solid timber flooring and engineered floorings are sourced from far and vast suburbs like Woollahra, Manly in Sydney because of their distinct capacity to provide one’s flooring with a classic and timeless look that only gets better with time, and that’s why timber flooring is famous in Woollahra.

Suppose you are not convinced with the hype and reputation that precedes timber plank flooring in Sydney and why homeowners are so smitten by it. In that case, it’s a reasonable choice to know more about it first before making a purchase. Listed below are some features and properties offered by timber floors for your perusal. 

Benefits Of Getting Timber Flooring 

  1. Durable And Cost-effective: Timber as a plank of wood and the raw material used to create one’s flooring is regarded as one of the most solid and durable materials, making them ideal solutions for creating floorings. Further, suppose one were to compare it with its alternatives, i.e. vinyl, bamboo, laminate, carpet, or carpet. In that case, these offer a much higher value in terms of durability. While these could provide you with affordability, they would not be as cost-effective in the long run since they would require more frequent upkeep and timely replacement, unlike timber which presents lifetime value. 
  2. Healthier Solution: This is a feature that is unparalleled to timber. It is a proven phenomenon that timber floors lower stress levels, blood pressure, heart rate, and emotional stability. Timber floors are also adept at moderating humidity levels, which consequently improves air quality. Unlike artificial products, these are void of volatile organic compounds, i.e. VOCs, that can threaten one’s health. 
  3. Unique And Distinct: Since wood is a naturally sourced material, they tend to be inherently distinctive. When it comes to timber alternatives, not every plank or tile is different from one another as timber is. This unique feature in terms of unbridled harmony makes your flooring a statement piece in the universe. 
  4. Enables Prompt Cleaning: Here, when one considers maintenance, hardwood is easiest to take care of. Even cleaning these is considerably straightforward; all you need is a quick sweep, or even an antistatic or microfibre mop will get rid of the dirt or dust that have accumulated on the floors. With such reasoning, wiping the floors with a damp cloth once a month should significantly contribute to its upkeep. 
  5. Sustainable Choice: Typically, timber floors are sourced from carefully managed Australian forests. Here, the carbon emission that takes place during the production of floorboards is less as compared to the carbon that is emitted during the production of other materials like ceramic or concrete. Moreover, when the wood is disposed of, these break down naturally, instead of its alternatives like vinyl, carpet or tiles, which require artificial and monetary aid. Furthermore, timber also doubles as a natural insulator that stores warmth within the floorboards of your home, reducing the need for heating. This, in turn, reduces the need to turn on electrical appliances directed towards the said cause, consequently minimizing the energy use and the expenses that would have risen in its absence. 

Consider the positives that timber flooring sourced from reliable distributors from Woollahra, Manly suburbs offer and make an informed choice for your home’s floors, such that it flourishes in both aesthetic and functional respects.