Tips To Consider When Buying A Sofa

Australian made sofas Sydney

No living room is complete without a nice cozy couch. Sofas are an important investment and they will last with you for a considerable period. They sure do cost a huge chunk of money but they are a valuable and much-needed purchase. They act as a grand decorative piece of furniture in your living room. Because you will be spending an ample amount of family time on these sofas, buying a comfortable yet attractive looking couch is a serious job. It is said that Australian made sofas in Sydney are one of the best in the market because they are manufactured using top-grade quality materials. 

Here are some pointers and recommendations on acquiring the best looking sofa for your home:

Why should you buy Australian made sofas?

The benefit of buying Australian made sofas is that it is of top-notch quality and is manufactured keeping the customer’s high standards in mind. The furniture you purchase has warranties for a long time so you can shop comfortably without any worry. If you are someone living in Australia, what better way to support your local business than buying from them. The Australian made sofas are particularly designed keeping in mind the needs of Australians and their lifestyle.

Factors to consider when buying a sofa:

  1. Feel the Coziness and Comfort

First and foremost, a sofa should be bought keeping the comfort of all the family members in mind. The seats should be convenient and cushy right from the young to the old. The depth of the seats is the primary concern. It should be slightly shallow and depending upon your height the back of the couch should support your spine while your feet are planted firmly on the floor. There are sofas with recliner options now, so you need to check whether it suits you in all the positions. And if you are a person who likes taking cat naps, make sure the couch is long enough to stretch your legs.

  1. Go for a Sturdy Frame

Generally, a couch is known to wear out after a certain period. But instead of buying a new one, the fabric and cushions are alone replaced to give it a refreshing look. But to do that, the frame should be solid. An excellent quality inner frame is the next thing you should bear in mind while selecting a sofa. Low-cost couches have frames made from metal, plastic, or particleboard. But high-quality furniture like Australian made sofas has hardwood frames for support. The wooden frames are made from beach, ash, or oak.

  1. Look out for the Arms

If your house has energetic kids, you should take a look at the arms of the sofa you are considering buying. Chances are that the first and common thing that breaks off is the arms of the couch from children sitting and playing on them. A good sofa should be equipped with corner brackets and dowels. Test the tightness of the arms by leaning on them forcefully. Check for signs of wobble.

  1. Long-lasting Quality filling

The most common filling used inside the cushions is polyurethane foams. Select foams that are not too dense and hard. Also, a sofa whose cushions are too soft can wear out soon. Go for foams made of polyester if you are looking for an economical one. If your budget is a bit on the higher side you can very well choose the high-resilient (HR) foam with down and feather combo. It will make your sofa look cushy, plump, and luxurious. Australian made sofas are known to use HR foams for comfort.

  1. Choose the fabric wisely

It is wise to select sofas with fabrics made out of linen or cotton and leather sofas are also a good option. For a more durable purpose, go for microfiber materials. If you have kids at home and if they are prone to spill and dirty the couch, then it is ideal for you to choose patterned or woven fabrics to hide the mess.

So next time when you are out choosing a couch for your living room make sure to tick all the above-mentioned points for a good experience later. Another tip is to check for the Gold UFAC tag for safety reasons in case of fire. Australian made sofas available in Sydney come with the tag denoting that it is made taking into account the UFAC methods. Have a great purchase bearing all these tips in mind.