Tips To Help You Stay Clear Of Blocked Drains

Let’s face it: Blocked drains in Strathfield are probably one of the most irritating things that could ever occur to your house plumbing system. It might result in unpleasant backups and be very expensive to fix. 

If you use these suggestions, the likelihood of having clogged drains should decrease. Have a qualified professional plumber frequently inspect your plumbing system as well.

Here are some valuable pointers to help you stay clear of clogged drains.

Act Now; Do Not Delay

Waiting for a mainline clog to occur serves no use. Therefore, you should know that cleaning won’t work if you’ve had a Blocked drain in Strathfield for a time. A problem with the pipeline can only be discovered by a thorough camera check.

Eliminate the Lint

How could something so tiny do in Strathfield? Lint has repeatedly clogged the drain in your laundry area, causing various problems. These small particles slowly accumulate in the gutter without your knowledge, which causes them to stop and back up. 

By installing a lint trap at the end of the washing machine’s drain hose, you may prevent this issue from ever occurring. These drain screens and lint traps are available at your neighbourhood home improvement or hardware store. You can also use an old nylon stocking if you have one hanging around. 

Do Not Dump It

When will we realise that a drain is neither a garbage can nor a location to discard waste or debris? How often have you flushed grout or cement mix down the toilet or spilled grease down the drain? These items shouldn’t be disposed of in the drain because they have no place there. Grease that has been poured down will clog up as it cools. The worst thing is that it hardens and becomes impaled in the pipe, creating Blocked drains in Strathfield.

Grout or cement compound, which contains ingredients that enable it to harden even while submerged in water, can be compared to this. This indicates that such a stubborn blockage would need expert assistance to be removed.

This is why it is crucial to properly dispose of these items and prevent them from getting into the drainage system. Maintain a grease jar in your kitchen so you may quickly pour it in before washing the dishes. Before washing it over the sink, remove any remaining grease. Rinse grout and cement compound in water and let it set before throwing the leftover sludge in the trash.

Catch It

Two of the most frequent causes of Blocked drains in Strathfield are hair and soap scum. You can almost certainly expect difficulty when they mix in your bathroom plumbing. Hair presents a challenge since it takes longer to break down than soap scum and sticks to the inside of pipes.


So what do you need to do? Catching it before it enters the drain is the most comfortable and practical option. Which method would you use? Get a drain strain or place a mesh screen over the drain to reduce clogging issues. To maintain it functional, clean the drain or filter routinely.