Top 5 Dental Myths People Usually Believe In Truth Revealed!

Oral health is always a significant concern for every family. Some say in-joke that you can overcome the pain of heartbreak, but when it is about a severe toothache, people barely get a chance to recover without the help of their dentists.

However, the common perceptions you often hear about dental or oral health are not always correct. You need to take some time to understand the truth beneath those myths about oral health for once and for all.

Here are some of those listed out for you to make you understand why you should not believe in these common myths without validating the truth.

Myth 1:

Sugar is Responsible for your Tooth Plaque Only 

It is nothing but a myth or misconception that only sugar is responsible for your tooth decay. Well, indeed, sugar is the most harmful element that can cause significant harm to your teeth by feeding the bacteria creating plaque.

However, dentists in Merrylands suggest that if you don’t brush or floss regularly, smoke too much, and even eat excessive carbohydrates; those can also lead to tooth plaque.

Myth 2:

Pregnancy Leads to Dental Complication

It is indeed a fact that pregnant women experience several dental complications than people in other medical conditions face. Pregnant women must deal with an infection, gum bleeding, and even premature tooth decay.

However, according to the dentist in Merrylands, if pregnant women take proper care of their oral health, don’t skip the dentist appointment, and most importantly, follow a healthy diet, they can combat the growing dental issue easily.

Myth 3:

Teeth Whitening Treatment Damages Your Teeth

This is one of the most common myths of all that suggest going for teeth whitening will cause massive trouble for you and potentially damage your teeth. Well, the dentist in Merrylands works on the nail enamel surface of your teeth. So, the fear is quite common that after the treatment, the enamel will get potentially damaged.

But it can only happen if you try those cheap teeth whitening kits available in the store instead of going for specialized treatment. So, to avoid any such complications, it is always recommended to go to a specialist clinic.

Myth 4:

As I Have Dental Problems, My Kids Will Have it Too

Not necessarily! According to the most trusted dentist in Merrylands, genetics plays a minimal role in determining the oral health of the next generation. It is more important to make your kid learn about the importance of regular brushing, avoiding sugar-based drinks, and washing their mouth frequently after eating.

Myth 5:

 Frequent Brushing Ensures a Sound Oral Health

Another common misconception says that the greater the number of times you will brush, the healthier your oral health will be. It is not the right to practice. You should understand that heavy or frequent brushing may lead to gum recession. You should only use the soft-bristled toothbrush for the purpose and not brush your teeth more than 2-3 times a day.

So, hope you have understood the hidden truths behind the common myths. Don’t forget to make a scheduled appointment with the best dentist in Merrylands, check-up your oral health timely and lead a life free from dental issues.