Top Reasons Why You Should Install Marble Benchtops in Your Home

If you seek the opinion of an expert about installing marble benchtops, the answer they will give you is obvious that, it depends on the place they will be installed and how they will be used. The consensus is that marble makes an excellent surface for bathrooms, offices, fireplace surroundings, and many other places where they do not get rough and tough use.

The basics

Marble starts like a metamorphic block. This means it begins as dolomite or calcareous rock in a sedimentary shape, and once it has been exposed to extreme heat and pressure, it transforms into a beautiful stone. The change is due to the impurities found in the original dolomite or limestone rock. As the materials undergo heat and pressure, they crystallize. As a stone containing calcium carbonate, the purest one you will find is silver. Artists used such pure stone for carving sculptures in ancient times.

There are plenty of reasons for using marble as a benchtop

Several respected and well-known companies will come across that will provide you with the highest quality marble benchtops in Melbourne and all the major cities around the world. Let us look at the advantages of using marble benchtops in Sydney.

Superb Appearance

Its elegant looks are the main reason marble benchtops remain in massive demand when it comes to stone top vanities for bathrooms. This igneous stone comes with a stunning colour set. The hues’ choice includes solid white, solid black, rose, yellow, grey, green, white, and black colours.

 stone top vanities for bathrooms

More Design Skills

If you have a counter that requires more than the usual effort of making, you may want to turn to marble. Not all benchtops are purely rectangular. Operating with it is smoother than many other traditional stone slabs, which are used as benchtops. As a result, the overall workability is considerably better. If you are looking for fancy edges or other extra fabrication benefits, it can also be considered.

Marble is a dream to work in comparison to granite. In the case of granite, cutting the stone without chipping it and causing damage is relatively tricky.

 Cool and Heat Resistant

Someone who does a lot of baking would enjoy working on benchtops made of marble. It usually stays cool and is not a prominent heat conductor. Marble benchtops are one of the best kitchen work facilities you will ever come across. It is also an ideal solution for stone top vanities for bathrooms. It is heat resistant, but you should never place a pot that comes directly from the stove like quartz and granite.

Sturdy and Easy To Find

However, a soft stone, it is very durable. Yet it is a porous material. Therefore, you may want to suggest quartz as an option if you are looking for something substantial and can withstand multiple bumps and bruises. Sometimes finding the right granite or quartz slab that would be ideal for your kitchen can be difficult. On the other hand, marble benchtops in Sydney are widely available, and can easily be found in most stone yards or manufacturers. For most situations, this means less waiting time to get the correct stone shipped.