Types Of Steel Wire Rope.

Steel Wire Rope

The construction and performance of steel wire ropes will vary a lot depending on the type of steel wire being used, and the number of wires twisted together. Wire ropes are vital in the construction industry and will be found in a woven, braided, or twisted form. Moreover, they may be used in a variety of applications such as transportation, rigging, construction, power transmission, and many more. One of the most common uses of steel wire ropes is on construction cranes. The tensile strength and safety of the crane operation are dependent on the quality and properties of steel wire ropes used. So, a lot of research goes into ensuring that the best quality steel wires are used in such operations.

Several factors affect how a rope will perform in an application. In this article, we will be talking about the different types of steel wire rope and what they are typically used for.

Different Types Of Steel Wire Ropes

Many different types of steel wire rope come with varied construction and performance levels. Let’s check it out.

Galvanised Steel Wire Rope

Galvanised steel wire rope is best known for its corrosion resistance and long-lasting performance. Galvanised steel wire rope is extremely popular in the construction industry. The main advantages of galvanised steel wire rope are its ability to withstand heavy-duty usage and the fact that it does not spot rust even after years of exposure to corrosive environments. 

The high rust-proof properties of galvanised steel wire ropes mean that they can be used in environments where water or salt intrusion is a concern. It is mainly used for heavy-duty applications in the construction industry, but can also be used in transportation and oil & gas industries.

Stainless Steel Wire Rope

Stainless steel wire rope is another type of steel wire rope that is commonly used in the construction industry. The high strength and corrosion resistance of this type of steel make it one of the most popular choices among construction companies. Another advantage of stainless steel wire rope is its ability to withstand both high-temperature and low-temperature environments. 

On top of that, the high tensile strength of stainless steel wire rope means that it will perform similarly to galvanised wire even after years of exposure to harsh environments. It is utilised in many applications as it is resistant to corrosive environments. However, it is not as popular as galvanised steel wire rope.

Coated Steel Wire Rope

Coated steel wire rope is a variation of the standard steel wire rope. Instead of using the coating for its rust-proof properties, this type of steel wire rope is coated with a special kind of paint to provide additional functionality. This type of coating makes the steel wire more resistant to corrosion, and will effectively extend the life of the structure by reducing its tendency toward rusting. 

Coated steel wire ropes are usually used in environments where corrosive conditions are a major concern. It comes in various colours and can be mixed with other colours depending on the desired aesthetic appeal.


In the construction industry, all types of steel wire rope are used depending on the product and application. So, it is vital for construction companies to first identify the type of steel wire rope that is required for a particular application. 

However, steel wire ropes are not only used in construction. They have multiple applications across many industries including transportation and oil & gas.