Types Of Terrazzo Floor Tiles

terrazzo floor tiles

Terrazzo might have gone out of trend a few years ago, but it is making its comeback swiftly as a flooring choice for homeowners. From private homes to public offices, the skyrocketing popularity of terrazzo floor tiles has not gone unnoticed by homeowners and designers. 

So, what’s terrazzo flooring all about, and what are the types available? Read on to find out. 

  • What is terrazzo flooring all about?

The term terrazzo stands for a style of flooring where marble chips are laid in concrete. The word means ‘terrace’. The origin of terrazzo flooring dates back to when the Italian craftsmen realised that marble chips added to concrete make it extremely durable and flexible like a floor.  

At present, terrazzo floor tiles show up with a host of unique patterns and colours. However, the underlying feel and texture remain the same.

Initially, artisans prepared a terrazzo floor using concrete and marble chips. At present, terrazzo flooring is made by combining stone or marble chips with epoxy-resin or concrete. Depending on the surface area to be covered and the use, you can pour in situ or use terrazzo tiles on the floor. The former one allows you to prepare custom surfaces like walkways, countertops, stairs, and even furniture. 

  • Types of terrazzo

There is no single type of terrazzo available. Here we present a few popular variations of these specific floor tiles. 

  • Epoxy Terrazzothis is one of the most popular types of terrazzo available in the market. To prepare this kind, you need to place a thick layer of resin matrix veneer on a concrete slab. This is extremely versatile and thin-set. It is chemical-resistant and is perfect for both counter installation and flooring. 
  • Rustic terrazzo- almost similar to epoxy terrazzo, rustic terrazzo is different regarding design and look. It comes with a smooth surface, but the exterior is slightly rough. This gives it friction and offers a rustic look. The texture of such terrazzo floor tiles is best suited for outdoor use. 
  • Sand Cushion Terrazzo- this type of terrazzo is generally used for flooring. Artisans prepare it by mixing wire meshes or by reinforcing layers of sand and isolation sheets. It is no doubt versatile, and you can use it for incorporating a specific design or a logo on a surface as there is no mirroring. 

Now let us try to shed light on the few reasons that make terrazzo flooring popular. 

  • What makes terrazzo popular?

As a homeowner, you always want to install something extremely durable and stylish. When you are investing in terrazzo flooring, you can remain assured to get both. It is one of those super-durable materials that last up to hundreds of years and still manage to look attractive.  

The versatility of terrazzo is another noteworthy feature of this floor tile. You can install it anywhere to lift the look of the room. Another significant part of terrazzo is its low maintenance in nature. 

We have told you almost everything that you should know about terrazzo floor tiles. Considering all things, it is a substantial investment and incredible material. So, try it now for your home.