Uses Of 2 Leg Lifting Chain Sling.

Lifting Chain

A lifting chain sling can be used to lift objects that are too heavy for a forklift or crane. They are also widely used in construction, manufacturing, and general industry. It is a versatile tool that can be used in many different applications. The chain consists of a steel chain with a hook that can be used to lift the weight.

Sling is widely used for lifting heavy objects. It allows one person to lift objects that are too heavy for other machines. For instance, it allows one person to lift bricks from the ground, asphalt from its bucket, or concrete from its sack or drums.

Lifting Bulky objects

2 leg lifting chain sling is well suited for lifting bulky objects. The lifting chain sling is small in size but very useful in lifting heavy objects. It gives a firm handle to the operator and he can lift the object by himself or by two persons.

Lifting long objects

They are also used for lifting long and heavy objects that are otherwise difficult to lift by crowbars, for instance, cylinder blocks or crankshaft extension rods, or hammers that are too long and heavy to be lifted with a standard wooden or metal bar hoist.

Suspending Loads

It is used to suspend loads in many industrial applications. For instance, it can be used in power generation, iron foundries, and mills.

Hoisting Equipment

It is used to move heavy equipment in many industries such as manufacturing, construction, mining, and general industry. It can be used for hoisting a small load. It is also used for handling big tools on construction sites that are too heavy to be lifted with a hand truck hook.

Conveying and Transporting Loads 

The lifting chain sling is increasingly being used to transport loads long distances because they can move more easily than most industrial lift trucks.

4 Way Lifting Chains

They are used to transport and handle heavy equipment in production and manufacturing plants. They can also be used to lift, lower and guide loads over long distances in many industrial applications. They are flexible and can be carried anywhere easily on the person’s shoulders or back.


Choosing the right lifting chain sling with the right strength for the object being lifting is important. To choose which type of lifting chain sling is required, one must consider the type of load lift, as well as how heavy the item is to be lifted. 

Small scale industrial needs:
One can buy lifting chains for sale and a wide range is available in the market. Hence, the purchase of a lifting chain can be made depending on the kind of work done on a small scale.

On the other hand, there can also be different types of lifting chains available in the market according to their strength.