Various Kinds Of Fire Pits

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If you’re like most people, your backyard is probably the most logical place to hang out in the summertime. Who doesn’t enjoy spending time outside, after all? Finding good spots in your yard for doing so can be difficult. Consider an outdoor fire pit in Newcastle as a way to bring some coziness and comfort into your space. But how can you determine which is the most excellent choice for you? Keep reading to learn more about different types of fire pits.

Standing Fire Pit

As the name suggests, a standing fire pit is just a fire pit placed on the ground. It’s a good option for people who don’t mind the sight of their fire pit and don’t have a lot of space in their yard. Standing fire pits are available in various styles and sizes and can be purchased as a freestanding unit or as part of a patio set. Standing fire pits are also ideal for people who want to create a focal point for outdoor entertaining, such as hosting a barbecue with friends or family. 

You can also use a standing fire pit for activities like roasting marshmallows or baking bread. Standing fire pits are heavy, so choosing a design that can support their weight is essential. They are generally smaller and less expensive than other types of fire pits, so you should ensure they are large enough. Most standing fire pits are made of metal, but you can also find some made of ceramic or other materials.

Firm Ground Fire Pit

A firm ground fire pit is placed on the ground, but instead of resting on a stand, it is secured to the ground with a fire pit table. This allows you to set the fire pit on any surface and is especially beneficial for outdoor entertaining. Like standing fire pits, firm ground fire pits are generally smaller and less expensive than other types of fire pits, so you should ensure they will be large enough for your intended uses.

A key advantage of having a fire pit table is that you can use it with various fire pit designs. If you prefer to use a standing fire pit, you can place it on the table. If you want to use a fire pit as a decorative feature, you can put it on the ground, patio, or deck.

Decorative Fire Pit

A decorative fire pit is designed to be placed inside a room or outdoors on the patio or deck. This type of fire pit is usually more expensive than the others, as it’s made to withstand outdoor weather conditions, so choosing one that fits your budget is essential. A decorative fire pit is designed to look decorative, similar to a fire bowl. It may be made of ceramic or stone, and it’s usually surrounded by an array of decorative pieces, such as a fire pit fountain. This type of fire pit can be used indoors or outdoors.

Bottom Line

A fire pit is an excellent addition to any backyard space, but it can be dangerous if you don’t take the proper steps to keep yourself and your family safe. These include keeping a close eye on children while playing in the yard and ensuring that your fire pit is clean and well-maintained. Keep the precautions in mind, and you can enjoy your new fire pit safely.