What are Panel Lift or Sectional Doors?

Panel lift consists of a series of horizontal panels, which allows the door to operate in a way to open vertically through a curve.

A sectional door provides one of the best designs to accommodate all kinds of driveways and opening be it arched, rectangular or domed the following are the advantages of the panel.

And since this kind of door is versatile its repair is also of the utmost importance

The following are the advantages of a panel lift doors.

  1. A panel lift door has a wide range of colour choices
  2. Panel lift doors can be motorized to adjust with your needs
  3. Sectional garage doors are very durable 
  4. These kinds of doors, use minimal space within the garage and driveaway


Usually, individual doors of a sectional door need adjustment or repair and the following are the steps on how you need to do it.

  • Determine the extent of damage

 you need to figure out the individual panel of the door that is causing the problem so that you don’t have to replace the whole door, rather just the panel.

  • Remove the section of the door that is causing the problem

To remove a section of the garage door, first disconnect the power supply then remove the edge doors from the rolling tracks.

Reattach the centre door section with power drills and slide one of the side doors out of the tracks.

After doing this set the undamaged sections aside and work on each panel separately.

  • In this step repair the section that is damaged

Remove the damaged panel from the door section, if you see that the panel is dented then lay it on top of a workbench, Cover it with a blanket or a towel to prevent scratches.

Hammer the dent out of the panel with a rubber mallet and replace the panel into the door.

  • Measure the Section for Replacement if Needed

If an individual section of the door is beyond repair, measure the specific length and order a replacement for it.

Make sure that you check the exact style and the model number of the type door, and contact the maker for a replacement.

  • Rechange the Door Sections

After you are done fixing the panels, make sure that the new panels fit exactly in the designated area.

Then realign the side doors sections with rolling tracks, and insert each door into the door frame.

Reconnect the doors with electricity test it for the correct functioning.

When it comes to small damages or faults it can be easily repaired at home, but if you notice that the damage is too bad to be fixed, contact your nearest repair shop and get your panel shift garage door fixed.