What Are The Benefits Of Using Fire-Rated Automatic Sliding Doors?

Fire-rated automatic sliding doors are used throughout the industrial and commercial environments to facilitate easy access to the building, offering a wide range of benefits.

Effective and Efficient

The ease that comes with it is one of the critical advantages of having an automatic door. The automatic door helps people to walk through the door with ease without the need to manually open a heavy door, which ensures that your customers will feel comfortable from the moment they move onto your premises. This can be highly effective in addressing accessibility issues, as disabled people can enter the building quickly and without complications. Another significant advantage that an automatic door can offer is its ability to save space, making it an excellent choice for small-scale businesses.


Fire-rated automatic sliding doors can also help with security management. Security staff can easily monitor doors remotely, which means that they can offer access to selective traffic or, if necessary, deactivate the door completely. Most fire-rated automatic sliding doors come with a locking system that gives the user more control, increases security, and makes you feel much safer.

High-Quality Standards

The fire-rated automatic sliding doors are also manufactured to the highest quality and safety standards, making them easy to own and maintain when our fully qualified technicians are installed.

Wide Range of Styles

From swing doors to sliding doors, there’s a wide range of styles and systems to choose from, meaning there’s a solution that can fit your business needs.


Automated doors are a great convenience in everyday life. They make it easy to pass through the doors of shopping centres, medical centres, and train stations. All you have got to do is walk up to the door, and it magically opens up for us.

Fire-rated automatic sliding doors operate with a range of sensors that can detect different things, such as sound, light, weight, and motion. There are several different types of sensors, and each can better adapt to a particular climate. For example, some doors use weight sensors to detect when someone stands on a rubber mat in front of the door. Another standard method is motion sensors, which track the movement around the door in some predefined regions and send a signal to the doors to tell them to open when this sensor is triggered.

 Quick Emergencies Response

Fire-rated automatic sliding doors can be of great benefit in emergencies when it comes to evacuating a station safely and quickly. Acting as fire exit doors, the system can be integrated into a fire exit strategy to ensure your business is safe at all times and can be quickly evacuated while complying with fire door regulations. Doors can be set to hold open, which means that people can exit the building more efficiently without the need for the door to be opened and closed as people leave the building.

Instant low energy benefits, fire-rated automatic sliding doors like this can also save money on your heating bills by reducing unnecessary heat loss and therefore paying back the initial installation costs on an ongoing basis. This also has the advantage of lowering any air conditioning loss caused by fully fire-rated automatic sliding doors or by leaving the manual door open.