What are the Best Audi Service Plans and How to Keep these Luxury Vehicles in Top Condition?

Audi Australia keeps launching service packages for their entire range. Even though these five or three-year service packages are designed to save customers plenty of money and give them ‘peace of mind,’ that’s hardly ever the case, as many Audi owners find out, in the long run, seem to visit independent Audi Artarmon Service Centre. Yes, the maintenance promised in these packages are conducted by factory technicians. However, the costs are often too high for even Audi owners to manage, especially the owners who are paying for their expensive Audi vehicles on finance. Even if these service packages are payable in instalments, the costs are too high. 

Prices differ depending on the Audi model. People who’ve purchased their vehicles from dealerships usually receive some form of repair/maintenance packages. These packages are great as they allow car owners to receive standard repairs or ‘tune-ups’ for measly prices (sometimes even for free). However, this benefit only lasts for a certain amount of time after the car is purchased. Once this time period runs out, and the service package becomes null and void, Audi owners are forced to pay exorbitant amounts for repairs and general maintenance. Instead, opting for an independent Audi service centre in Artarmon that uses genuine parts only gives Audi owners better and more cost-effective results. 

Here’s why these independent Audi service centres are much better than official showrooms:

  • Years of Experience in the Industry:

In the past, official Audi dealership garages used to be packed with the best mechanics. However, currently, these dealership garages mostly employ younger mechanics as interns. Sure, these interns may come from the finest auto engineering schools. But, they’re significantly less experienced than mechanics and auto electrical engineers who’ve been in the business for decades. Naturally, the quality of work is slow and often not worth the money. On the other hand, independent dealerships have a completely different employment model.

These independent garages know that the number of clients they receive heavily depends on the quality of work they provide. That’s why these dealership garages are full of experienced mechanics who have been in the car repair industry for many years. A top-quality independent Audi Artarmon service centre will only hire auto repair and auto electrical professionals with plenty of certifications and decade’s worth of experience working with Audi vehicles.


  • Better Skills and More Knowledge:


Since independent garages tend to hire only experienced mechanics, these establishments also offer better services. The mechanics and auto electrical experts at independent dealership garages have greater depths of knowledge on a wide variety of Audi vehicles. Apart from providing standard maintenance and repair services, these experts can also identify complex problems in Audi vehicles. Such problem spotting and solving skills are hard to find in Audi dealership garages. 


  • Personalized Services:


Independent Audi repair shops offer ten times better customer service than official dealerships. That’s because car servicing is their bread and butter. On the other hand, workers at official Audi dealerships often tend to be complacent and don’t hesitate to keep their customers waiting. 

Audi owners who want a flexible pickup or drop-off schedules and personalized services must visit these independent garages!