What are the Best Bathroom Renovation Supplies?

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The planning begins right after you plan to remodel your bathroom. Most owners start with a general theme they want for their new bathrooms. Many forget where to start remodeling the bathrooms. Further, best renovation supplies matter a lot when building a custom or semi-custom bathroom. The order materials an essential role as delays in receiving materials lead to delay in starting your project. Likewise, in Sydney, product selection is quite overwhelming, and there are certain core products you need to buy. Purchase bathroom renovation supplies in sequence and keep your sanity.

Materials needed for Bathroom Remodel

  • Using porcelain tiles

Glazed porcelain tiles are the best bathroom renovation supplies available in Sydney as it does not absorb water. Likewise, it is slightly on the expensive side, although handmade porcelain and ceramic tiles are expensive of all. Porcelain is a durable material for flooring, accent walls, etc. If you are choosing tile flooring, make sure that it is slip-resistant. 

If you are looking for the best hardwood floor, find large format porcelain tiles mimicking the wooden planks. 

  • Shower Dividers

Glass shower dividers create an open feeling lasting forever. Furthermore, tempered glass is prone to mold and can be replaced again and again. Starphire glass is an ultra-clean product having a green tinge to the tempered glass. Most people recommend frameless doors as they are not prone to derailing. 

  • Using Glossier Paint

Using simple semi-gloss paint is an inexpensive way to make the bathroom look fresh. Likewise, adequate ventilation is necessary, and gloss paint is easy to clean. It also adds a shiny look. Save using matte paint for bedrooms and other dry parts of the house. 

  • Selecting the Faucets and Trim to install

Selecting the faucets is an essential part of bathroom renovation supplies available in Sydney. Moreover, be aware of the showerhead types as it may affect the installation cost. The tub and trim should match the sink faucets. There can be rough parts that are installed behind the drywall and under the tile floor. 

bathroom renovation supplies sydney

  • Lighting Material

Lighting is important when remodeling bathrooms. Likewise, decide between pendant lights, canned lights, or light bars. You can also choose which you want as the light switches. For instance, if you want a dimmer, it is crucial to have a built-in night light. Choose the light fitting with the family budget. 

  • Selecting the Toilet

Keep the toilets sophisticated and straightforward. There are options designed to be green and save water with the flush option. Further, there are manufacturers with the sink and tub having the same style. It makes the selection process a little bit easier for the people. 

  • Good Quality Cabinets

There are big boxes making bathrooms look trendy. Besides, stick to reputed companies for high-quality cabinet materials. Quality MDF cabinet boxes can resist better than solid wood, and furniture grade plywood also is an excellent option. 


There is more to creating a good bathroom that can last for years. Choose the best bathroom renovation supplies in Sydney that offer longer-term satisfaction.