What Are The Best Teas For Losing Weight Healthily?

healthy weight loss tea.

Green tea is the most popular option as a healthy weight loss tea. It is the most famous option in this context, and it offers you a diverse array of health benefits too. There is a lot of proof to suggest that green tea is the ideal option for losing weight healthily and naturally. Scientists conducted a study in 2008 where 60 obese individuals followed a regularized diet for 12 weeks. They also consumed green tea or a placebo with it. Throughout the study, people who drank green tea lost 7.3 pounds more than ones who drank the placebo.

Oolong tea:

This traditional Chinese tea serves commendable as a healthy weight loss tea. This is a partially oxidized tea. Therefore, it is between black tea and green tea in matters such as colour and oxidation. It comes with a unique flavour, along with a fragrant and fruity aroma. These qualities, however, depend on how oxidized the tea leaves are. Several studies have shown that Oolong tea can speed up metabolism and burn up fat. This is the way it helps you lose weight. It increases the energy expenditure in your system. 

Puerh tea:

Puerh tea is highly effective as a healthy weight loss tea. It is a fermented black tea that originates in China. People usually drink it following a meal. It also has an earthly aroma that gets better the longer you store it. Some studies conducted on animals have shown that tea can lower triglycerides and sugar levels in your blood. Studies done on humans and animals have shown it can lead to weight loss too. In a study, the scientists gave 70 men capsules that contained either a placebo or Puerh tea extract. After 3 months of consumption, people who got the Puerh tea tablets lost 2.2 pounds more than the placebo group.

White tea:

Apart from being an outstanding option for a healthy weight loss tea, it is exemplary for the minimal processing that goes into making such tea. They harvest such tea when the plant is still young. It also stands out because of its flavour that differs completely from all other teas. It has a delicate, subtle, and a bit sweet taste. Scientists have conducted a lot of studies on the health benefits of white tea. Some lab-test studies have shown it can kill cancer cells too! It also improves your oral health. It can aid in your fat and weight loss goals too. However, scientists need to conduct more studies in this context.

Black tea:

This is a great option as a healthy weight loss tea. This is a variety that has experienced greater oxidation than other teas such as green, Oolong, and white teas. Oxidation is a chemical reaction that happens when air comes in contact with tea leaves. This leads to the browning of the leaves. Therefore, you have a dark colour you usually get in such tea. You have various blends and varieties of black tea, with the most popular options being English breakfast and Earl Grey.