What are The Major Types of Packaging?

Major types of packaging

It is evident that the packaging sector plays a major part in the perceived value of a product. Compared to continuous developments in mobile technologies, the packaging sector as a whole has not altered too much in recent years. It often becomes hard to pick the best packaging alternative for your item, given all the packaging and box options available in the industry today. Take a look at some of the various custom made boxes in Sydney that can be used to improve your product and customer experience!

Paperboard boxes: 

Paperboard is a lightweight but powerful paper-based cardboard shipping boxes material. The custom forms and structures can be readily trimmed and manipulated. These features make it perfect for custom packaging use. It is produced from the pulp, transforming and blanching fibrous products from wood or recycled waste paper.

Corrugated boxes: 

Corrugated boxes refer merely to what is frequently referred to as a carton. Corrugated boxes are likely to be considered by many as’ cardboard’ because they produce big shipping, shoe and storage boxes.  Many individuals are not aware that corrugated custom made boxes are also available in various kinds, based on their durability and strength. However, it is simple to identify some corrugated cardboard shipping boxes material.  

Plastic boxes: 

Plastic is used in a variety of products, from spacecraft to clips of paper. Several traditional products have already been substituted with plastic, such as timber, leather, glass, ceramics, etc.

Box packaging has many benefits in terms of recycling and is usually much longer-lasting than cardboard shipping boxes of paperboard. Containers made from airtight plastic packaging can assist maintain food quality and remove contamination problems. 

Rigid Boxes: I am sure you always wondered what kind of box iPhones or luxury retail products, like Rolex, Tiffany & Co, and Marc Jacobs were packaged for. You have a feeling that this is a cardboard sort but was still uncertain because of its long-lasting and premium look. Strongbox is referred to this sort of cardboard shipping boxes material.

Packaging of Chipboards: 

Chipboard packaging is used for electronics, healthcare, food, beverage, beverage and beverage industries. Basically, Chipboard is a sort of paperboard made of reclaimed paper material. You can cut it, fold it and shape it readily. For your products, it is an economical packing custom boxes alternatives.

It is available in different densities, and how much density the material is determined by its strength. You can use bleach-sulphate and CCNB, which makes the fabric even longer resistant, to process pictures that are printed straight on the chipboard cardboard shipping boxes.


A polybag is produced from flexible, thin plastic movie textiles, also known as a sack or plastic bag. It is a popular packaging type and can be used in a broad spectrum of products including foodstuffs, flowers, waste, chemical products, magazines, etc.

Solid but still lightweight, reusable and flexible poly bags. Because poly bags are structurally easy to create, their design, style and size can be fully tailored, but they are still cost-effective.